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9 Reasons Online Entrepreneurs Do Not Succeed…, And What To Do About It!

9 Reasons Online Entrepreneurs Do Not Succeed…, And What To Do About It!

9 Reasons Online Entrepreneurs Do Not Succeed…, And What To Do About It!

( featured pic by: @madisonmagdanz )

Most online entrepreneurs fail, as a matter of fact, nearly all do. There are many, many reasons new online entrepreneurs do not succeed, and here are the most popular reasons for this fact.

But, here is what I want to do, I want to not just share with you these reasons, but I also want to give you advice on how to avoid them or, at best, get through them and onto success when you find yourself, like I did, in the midst of them.

So, here are the 9 reasons online entrepreneurs do not succeed, at least the most popular roadblocks I’ve seen over my years here.

Reasons online entrepreneurs…do not succeed.

Forget the technical side of things. While some may believe that to be a hindrance, it really can be overcome, and easily. I would know, I was one of those who thought computers and tech were going to be too difficult to get past here.

But, I was very, very wrong, it was actually the easiest part of the journey here. And know this, I had no computer and did not know how to work an email 10 years ago!

To be honest, and brutally at that, some or a few at least of the following reasons are why myself and many, many other online entrepreneurs fail, well, at least those that give up after the first go around that is. So, here are those reasons, and how to get past them, and onto the road to massive money-making success online.

1# – They think it will be easy.

Of all the crud I hear online, today the calls to making a million dollars overnight through Facebook advertising is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve heard, and one of the reasons most online entrepreneurs fail today.

See, this makes you and I think spending our life savings this week selling our goods and services on Facebook WILL PAY OFF. But, that is simply not the fact. Most people, go broke on Facebook.

Not to mention, the whole idea of believing it is “easier” here is not only downright wrong, it is a mindset that will destroy you here.


Like any other business, it takes a little backbone, effort, and yes, a little outlay of cash to get going. And I will tell you that Facebook is great for advertising, but it is only part of the internet marketing pie’s best practices, part, not the whole!

It takes work here for the average person without the means to spend thousands of dollars right out of the gate on ad spend. Besides, a truly lasting business with a truly passive and or, a residual income stream, is built on content, not ad spend.

Nothing is easy in life, not even building an online business. Okay, it is easier than pouring concrete, I’ll concede that because I’ve done that type of work (I smile).

#2 – They expect it to be perfect.

When it comes to a lot of things in life, I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to YOUR STUFF! HAA-HAA! Seriously, though, I want everything to be perfect when I launch a new blog or niche business online, not to mention each and every piece of content I create and publish to the whole entire world.

But, nothing is ever perfect all the time, I know what world I live in, the real one.

It is not the biggest issue I have ever come across, but it one I’ve seen from time to time and that is working with the so-called “perfectionist“.

You can look like a million bucks online, but trust me, it will get you broke faster than it will make you a million bucks.

Listen, if you look as though you spent some time and thought about your business and web presence here, I’ll keep reading and listening, and maybe even subscribing and buying something. You do not have to be perfect here. Matter of fact, most folks I follow online have great looking websites, and some, well, I wish I could get my hands on them!

Either way, however, I trust them all, I follow them, share them out, and even rely on some of their products and services online and offline.

Besides, most perfectionists here do not even succeed.

Why? Well, because they fail to launch, and I mean that in a non-Hollywood movie way. Perfectionists are usually perfectionists to their own detriment when it comes to online business startups. I’ve been around long enough to see it happen.

Don’t worry about being perfect here, there are some very, very ugly sites online and they do very, very well!

#3 – They are complacent.

Then there is complacent. Selfish, self-centered, and never worried about the end user, client, customer, or subscriber. They are only worried about themselves.

Complacency is not standing still, it is being proactive in the most self-centered way possible. You can’t do that here, you can’t worry about the almighty buck, nor can you pretend to care about others and know your focus is on the pocketbook.

Yes, your mind will be somewhat focused on the money side of things here, but trust me, if you are giving out value, well, money is just a happy side effect of that value-added presence and content online today.

Be proactive with serving others, even if it just a blog post, a video, or engaging with people on social media.

#4 – They accept limits.

One of my most favorite voices about blogging and success online for that matter is Ryan Biddulph over at Blogging From Paradise.

The one thing I can tell you that has stood out the most for me, and I have taken a true grasp on was the advice I got from Ryan about not accepting limits with my blogging and entrepreneurial efforts here.

Because of that sage and awesome advice, I’ve created two highly successful businesses and blogs online, and this being one of them.

Never ever accept limits to what you can do with your business online. Yes, you will hit some limits with technology, but not with ideas and learning how to better your reach and influence online, and off.

#5 – They set their sights & goals to low.

I know it can be difficult here. I know what it is like to grow a business online, and the sweat, blood, and proverbial tears that goes into it. But never, ever did I set my goals so small that it made no difference to my blog or business when I accomplished and or, met said goals.

Sometimes, we set our goals so small that we forget the bigger picture of our business online and seriously fail at building the bigger foundation for our success online.

Yes, it is okay to set your sights rather high, heck, really high if you ask me. And, just so you know, it is okay to set your goals higher than you might have them right now!

In the end, the higher you set your goals, the more you’ll expect from yourself, and when you meet those goals, you’ll know what you’re truly made of.

#6 – They only think about themselves.

I own Bitcoin, but that is because I like to hedge my bets. However, when it comes to the cryptocurrency, it is backed only by greed, no matter what some would say otherwise.

It is based on the selfish desire to get rich, that is it, it is currency, nothing more, nothing less. And, when that is all you are focused on, when all you think about is what you can get from people, well, you are finished before you even get started here.

Don’t focus on having a great blog or business. Focus on producing a blog and products and services that are great for your fans.

Brian from CopyBlogger made that statement about blogs, I added in the business part. And guess what? It is still just as true. By focusing in on your traffic, fans, subscribers, list, or customers first, you will succeed here.

#7 – They don’t spend enough money.

There is the opposite to this that is just as devastating and I will talk about that next. But, believe you me, trying to get away building a niche blog or online business for free here is simply insane, seriously.

There are things you need here like a real domain name, hosting, good sales funnel and list building software, and yes, some paid advertising reach going on when needed.

I am sorry to burst your bubble, but an online business, a massively successful one or, one that simply pays the bills not backed by nothing like cryptocurrency. Your business is backed with time and at least a minimal investment of money.

Know this, nothing in life is free except salvation, and that includes building a successful business here.

#8 – They spend all their money.

The opposite is spending all your money on the answers you think you need.

Trust me, you do not need everything here, and you should not be clicking on every Facebook advert you see that tells you how they will increase your traffic and income. Yes, most of them are good folks, but they are selling the same message, for the part at least.

That message is simple, create content, good content that converts.

Want to be a highly successful online income earning entrepreneur? Well then, get to work, because nothing is truly automated here.

Quit spending your money on shortcuts, there are hardly any shortcuts out here worth what you have in your wallet. Personally, I got a good coach and learned to create awesome content, that worked perfectly.

#9 – They say “yes” to everything.

I can say NO. You should learn to say NO as well.

No to buying every so-called answer here. No to new those who might not be a good match for you and your products or services. No to whatever it is that you truly feel is going to be a waste of your valuable time.

Time, it is the one thing we can’t get back in life and business. This is why sometimes, (and I am speaking with experience here) here and there, it is okay to say no to something.

Personally, you may or may not be a good match for the coaching program here with me, and guess what, you will not be the judge of that, I will.

I do not want to waste peoples money or, time, ever.

Learning to say NO is a good thing, trust me.

#9 – They spend time with their own kind.

I spend time with other entrepreneurs, marketers, bloggers and so on. I learn from them, they have said they learn from me, and I love to learn as much as I can, and as often as I can.

One of the best entrepreneurial practices you can do is to not hang out and listen to Tony Robbins every day if you are not a success or life coach. Actually, the Tony Robbins’ of your entrepreneurial world will be those in your niche or industry you can connect with.

In the end, hanging out with your own kind is called influencer marketing, something my friend Danny Brown and his friends started helping people with years ago.

Spend time with those that can truly help you, not sell you another program, product, or self-centered book.



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What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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