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7 Ways To Be More Strategic With Your Internet Marketing Efforts

7 Ways To Be More Strategic With Your Internet Marketing Efforts

7 Ways To Be More Strategic With Your Internet Marketing Efforts

So, you want to be more strategic with your internet marketing efforts? Well, here are 7 simple ways to do just that and ones that work!

Strategic, it means literally; of or relating to a general plan that is created to achieve a goal. And our goal here is to be effective and efficient with our internet marketing efforts, right? Right!

So, let’s look at 8 simple ways to better our strategy for building a web presence that is both effective and efficient…

1. Setting Goals.

Goal setting. For women, most at least, this seems to a rather easy thing to do. For us guy’s though, it’s friggin’ work! How do I know? I’m married, and my wife sets goals and gets’s them done all the time on time. As for myself, it was an acquired habit.

quit seeking, just do.

Setting goals I have found, however, is extremely important to your online business success. Without them, you have no idea where to begin, so there is no end, and your end means here is financial freedom right? Right.

Setting goals is one thing, and important thing, but for many, many beginners to building and online business, accomplishing goals and working on them seems to be the issue.

No, you do not need some mind-melt crap sold by gurus and those who wish they were, not even close. Simply put, you just need to kick yourself in the pants and get to work. I think that is why people fail here; they are looking just to look…, here is what I mean.

“You do not need a magic mindset; you just need to figure out that you would rather fail than get to work on that so-called dream.”

You want a successful money-making business online. And you have now seen that the only way to accomplish this is not the shortcuts you’ve been sold in the past, it takes work and effort here! That is when the light goes out, and you start searching for gumption

From morning miracles to the giant weird looking guy Tony, you seek someone else to get you out of bed earlier to write that blog post or make that video series to give away… All of a sudden, you find yourself just looking to look. You are now looking for reason and gumption to get simply up and get to work.

Forget the goals; they went out the window the second you needed a book about motivation or a $10,000 ticket to a circus show. Listen, I am not going to fill you full of “internet marketing look at me-I am Pat Flynn-or-Tony-flipping-Robbins,” Never! I am a slight workaholic who can’t stand laziness! And you are lazy when you seek motivational jargon instead of practical strategies.

Keep seeking those things instead of attaining goals through simple marketing strategies and business planning, and you’ll find yourself the poorer for it, and a failure…, again.

Don’t try and sell me your “Tony Robbins” is there to help me crud, I stopped listening to that a long time ago, before six figures a year ago, and that was the difference.

Want to be more strategic with your internet marketing efforts? Then quit seeking and just do…

“Set your goals, then work to achieve them. It’s that friggin’ simple.”

2. Create A Lasting Brand.

I get all kinds of questions about what I think about this opportunity or that product or this idea of a service. It is flattering to be trusted with that kind of advice, but at the same time, I built that trust, I created a trustworthy and authoritative brand for myself here…, AND SO SHOULD YOU.

Most people, maybe not you in particular, but most, come looking online for that “get rich quick” idea or niche even today. I get thinking first and even coming up with a business plan, but making a decision about starting something online because of a great video advert or some fancy advertising piece on Facebook is crazy.

You need to not only set goals, but you also need a plan of attack on how to build a lasting brand, not something here today and gone tomorrow. And trust me, if you are here for just the money, we’ll all know, and you will be gone tomorrow, heck, you won’t even last today!

Creating a lasting brand comes with the thought of everything from the theme of your WordPress website and blog, to the marketing strategies you will use, and how often you will create content and so on.

From your logo to images of yourself, the social media platforms you’ll focus the most on to the paid media reach you will need. Everything you do effects that lasting brand, that “evergreen” web presence that is built on trust and authority.

build it to last.

A lasting brand is the type of web presence, and business does just that, it lasts…

3. Find A Tag Line.

A tag line is a quick statement of the reason you are here, or what your business or brand is about. This is a text version of a logo that expresses in a nutshell what people should know about your business online.

Taglines are created in your setting in WordPress under the General section. But a tagline is so much more; it is your brand message in a simple sentence that makes sense to everyone who reads it.

I will not dive in too deep here because that would be a waste of time and the only reason would be to fill you with fluff and words that do not matter.

However, a tag line is a serious little part of your internet marketing strategy; it is your brand in a word or a short string of words that tells people what you are all about without them trying to guess.

4. Create A Content Publishing Schedule.

Habits and content publishing schedules, get’em!

I do not know a single successful internet marketer, blogger, affiliate marketer, SEO specialist or niche business owner online who does not follow at least a semi-strict publishing schedule and stick to that habit.

Strategic internet marketing requires us to care about not just the content we create, but how often we create content and where. From a weekly or daily blog post to videos, podcasts and even social media posts and emails, a regular schedule keeps us in front of eyeballs.

Being inconsistent is part of a great internet marketing strategy, never forget that…

5. Treat Your Blog As A Business.

I guess this fits perfectly after #4, because if you have a schedule going on, and you have made a habit of it, you are taking your business serious! Nothing reeks more havoc on your internet marketing efforts than being nonchalant or halfhearted with your online business, nothing.

Treat your blog as part of your business, because at the end of the day; it is over 50% of your reason for success online. When it comes to internet marketing, a blog is your best friend.

Here are some facts about blogs from ActiveBlogs.Com:

  • Companies that do moderate blog posting between 1-2 times per month have 67% more sales opportunities than companies that do not blog.(Source: InsideView)
  • Small businesses that blog gets 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.
    (Source: ThinkCreative)
  • Among those who use e-mail marketing, companies that blog get twice as much traffic from their email than those who don’t.
    (Source: HubSpot)
  • The most active demographic group for blogging is 21-to-35-year-olds with 53.3% of the total blogging population.
    (Source: Sysomos)
  • 23% of total Internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs.
    (Source: Dream Systems Media)
  • 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site.
    (Source: Content Plus)
  • Brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional content and user-generated product video.
    (Source: comScore)
  • 90% of consumers find custom content useful, 78% believe that companies behind content are interested in building good relationships. (Source: TMG Custom Media)
  • Companies with fewer than 10 employees typically allocate 42% of their marketing budget to content.
    (Source: Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs)
  • 68% of consumers are likely to spend time reading content from a brand they are interested in.
    (Source: The CMA)

60% of people that is a huge amount of people who prefer a company or business that blogs regularly!

One of the most productive and strategic internet marketing activities practiced among us professionals here is blogging, period.

6. Offsite Marketing.

I think personally this can be a pretty powerful and strategic way to build traffic to your website. However, I am always honest here, and just so that you know, I stopped most of my offline marketing just over two years ago.

Why? Well, it was a personal decision not to take my family galloping across the country, especially in today’s atmosphere.

However, I do have some simple business cards I can hand out, and I do give a great but brief elevator pitch to those who ask what it is I do for a living.

But you, why not do some local public speaking? Have some cards ready to hand out. Run some small local classes around your niche and be ready to have the online contact information ready and available.

While I am not a “summit” goer today, I think it was great at . First, it helped to get me out in front of my peers, and it can for you as well.

7. Be Creative.

Be you, always. Nothing speaks to strategy than to just be you within your internet marketing efforts. Today we hear the words “share your story” or, “write like you talk” quiet often.

“I believe it’s true, very true, all of it. There is nobody like you, and there never has nor will be again in human history. Sounds a little deep and can cause a little nervousness I know, but it is true.”

And guess what else, because of that uniqueness nobody else can talk like you, write like you, and share your own story praying you! In te end, nobody can market your niche online like YOU can, even if the niche is a crowded one!

See, you are creative because you were created! Get it! If not, well, I don’t if you ever will, but I am prayin’ for you…

Being creative is simply you choosing the imagery you do. the way you make your videos. Your voice and cool intro to that podcast. The way you create a background or no background on your live cast. or, it is simply the way you write.

No matter what it is, YOU created it; you published it; it is all you…

Do not be afraid to let the creative side of you come out in your marketing online, it cold just be the ticket to success.

See Ya!

To be more strategic with your internet marketing efforts is not about tricks or hacks sold in some Warrior Forum, not even close. Actually, the best and most strategic practice is to settle down into some solid internet marketing practices and just simply DO them…

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