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7 Tips To Attract Stronger Readership To Your Niche Blog

7 Tips To Attract Stronger Readership To Your Niche Blog

7 Tips To Attract Stronger Readership To Your Niche Blog

A client, or student of mine, brought this list to me the other day. It was similar to my list actually, however, there were a few things I did not like about it and figured I could fix. Here are my 9 tips to attract stronger readership to your niche blog starting today I have for you!

Do not get me wrong, most everything here is true, however, there are a few things that may be true for some, but for most new niche bloggers, well, it could be wasted time to even try them.

Here are the 7 tips, and the ones I think need a little more explaining.

Your niche blog readership.

Personally, if I could switch to just being a blogger the rest of my life, well, I’d be pretty happy with that lot in life.

As a matter of fact, I find those that will be successful online, okay, those that will see success more often are those individuals that see how important and powerful a blog is, even today.

Truth be told, and you can look this up, blogs and video are what people trust the most when it comes to getting the answers they want or need, not social media like Facebook. We may use Facebook or Pinterest to get ideas of where to look, but blogs and video are where we end up, period.

Awesome for you for knowing this, you just solidified your chances of success with your lifestyle business online!

Here are the 7 tips to attract stronger readership below we will talk about individually;

  1. Incorporate social influencers into your blog posts (where relevant). (who and where are they)
  2. Add a link to your latest article in your Twitter bio and ask for retweets. (Use your List)
  3. Send your article out in a blast email or newsletter to your contacts.  (I do not have any)
  4. Add a link to your email signature inviting people to read your latest blog post.
  5. Send your blog post to relevant people/organizations/blogs that would be interested in reading it and sharing it with their networks.
  6.  Share your article on other social networksShare your article on social bookmarking sites.
  7. Make your blog SEO friendly.

While they all sound like they would be the perfect answers to growing a massive amount of real readers to your blog, some of these can be tweaked a bit.

Let’s get started.

#1 Incorporate social influencers into your blog content.

Whether it is your favorite blogging authorities online like Matthew Loomis or Ryan Biddulph, yes, you can where and when it is necessary to incorporate social influencers into your content, especially your blog content!

Influencer marketing was something I never really understood. No, I knew what you needed to do, but I just did not like how it sounded. MOst made it seem like all you were going to do was reach out and try to chat it up with other influencers in your niche, and, well, steal some of their thunder.

And to tell you the truth, after reading some books on it, and going through some courses, that was pretty much what they spoke to.

Instead of stealing thunder, why not bring the wind to the sails of your community, especially influencers by promoting them instead? Seriously, I became friends with influencers because I really and truly love what they have to say, and how they say it!

It had nothing to do with stealing their thunder, heck, you and I can get on without them to tell you the truth. But, there is nothing wrong with looking at this as not a marketing strategy, but a growth in knowledge strategy.

I love to learn, and learning from those who have gone before like Ryan or Matthew, well, friggin’ duh!!!

I decided to study them, and share out what I’ve learned from them, period.

That is what ‘naturally’ put me on their radar, and that is how you will get on the radar of those influencers in your niche. Leave stealing thunder to the soon-to-be has-been, and get with making evergreen friendships and learning from influencers in your niche.

#2 Asking for tweets?

It’s one thing to write a blog post, it’s another to publish on a regular basis and promote it.

Asking for tweets on what used to be a social media platform is a waste of time if you ask me. Yes, if your type of business, company, or even niche requires you to be shared on a ‘news’ outlet like Twitter, I get it. But, if not, then I would spend my time asking for shares elsewhere.

“Twitter is not for everyone and every business model today, sorry, but it’s true.”

For some, Instagram, Pinterest, heck, even Facebook would and could be best. Personally speaking, I think everyone needs a Facebook page and that is only because of re-targeting campaigns!

Listen, asking for shares of your content within the content or as part of a meme when you share your blog posts on social media, this is a good thing. It is not the fact you are asking to share, even I do that below, it is a good practice, but only on Twitter? No, not even close.

Be where your traffic is when it comes to social media, and the best place to find that little golden nugget of information is by following your competitors, then seeing where they spend their time via Similar Web.

Ask for shares, but make sure you are sharing where it matters most, that is how you build a better and stronger readership of your blog.

#3 Email broadcasting your latest blog post.

This is not only something I do each week, but by adding a video into the blog post (not this one, I have to go Christmas shopping today…) itself I can get more click on the link via email to the blog post by telling people they can “watch the video now!” Ha…!

Broadcasting your latest blog post is a vital part of growing not just readership of your blog, but loyal readership at that.

Some ask me how often to publish and broadcast blog content, I say weekly at first if you are a new niche blog and business owner. Personally speaking, I think weekly is something that should be the basis for everyone.

But, yes, broadcasting your blog post to build a more loyal readership is a great idea because it helps to build that loyalty, and helps to increase conversion rates of sales.

#4 Adding a link to an email signature.

Personally, I add in social media links. Yes, I add a short one-liner and link to my website, but to tell you the truth, I do more emailing from my email autoresponder system Aweber than anywhere else.

Besides, if I email you? You are either a client, family member, friend, or I am getting your business emails as a subscriber. So, if I email you back, well, do you really need all that info at the bottom of my reply? No, not really.

However, you should at least have a one-liner, a link to your website and social media anyways, you never know! Not to mention you should have these things in your email broadcasts and follow-up series, period.


Do you need it in your personal email? No, but you can add it just in case.

#5 Send your blog posts to relevant influencers and communities.

Good idea, at least once or twice. Try not to annoy people, remember, behind a community online, behind a brand are people, individuals who can be annoyed, and some, easily.

I like, no, I love it when people reach out to me with content that matters to you and I. And, as often as I can, I like to link to it, share it, or even post it here!

There are a few strategies that work well for sharing your blog posts out to.

  1. Find influencers in your niche, 7 of them, and send them one piece of content a month. Two is fine, but no more, let’s not bug the crud out of people.
  2. Facebook groups or, what I like to call, communities. Share your blog posts here and there every week, day, or hour you publish.
  3. Using hashtags via Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter is a great way to spread your latest content (blog post) within a larger conversation.

Of course, there are many other best online marketing strategies and practices to grow your blog readership via communities and influencers online, these are just a few good ones you’d find on that list for sure!

#6 Sharing your blog posts on social networks.

Simply put, this is a must as well as obvious.

I do not mean to sound cocky or superior in that last sentence, but it is true, sharing your blog posts is a must today, as well something that is an obvious ‘yes’ when it comes to the question of whether or not you should.

The biggest question here is how and where to share your blog posts for best visibility and engagement.

Personally, Facebook is always a go-to platform. And, if I were you, Facebook groups are also a must when it comes to growing more traffic to your blog posts, not to mention increasing valued readers and followers.

I think, perhaps, we are missing one channel here that can actually increase readership that is even more superior than Facebook, Instagram, and heck, Pinterest too. A video, or better yet YouTube!

Yes, video can not only increase blog traffic but, because of how powerful it can be to increase your ranking in search engines for that matter, it can drive traffic and get new readers when and where no videos exist.

Not all my blog posts here contain a video, but most do and for good reason, it drives new traffic, and converts people into new subscribers and valued blog readers.

Get into video while you can, it works!

#7 Get into SEO friendly content.

I hate to offend you, but I do not spend a lot of time waiting ever so anxiously for your next Facebook advert to appear on my wall of Facebook, sorry.

As a matter of fact, more and more people are starting to become extremely picky about following people, brands, and businesses today due to the barrage we would face if we do of advertising.

And if you think that Facebook is a social media outlet, it’s not, it’s simply an information collection platform. If I want social interaction, I go to Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Search engine optimization has never been so important as it is today. As a matter of fact, while social media is and has grown in how we seek answers today, search engines still, and remain, the best place to find the ‘best‘ answer to their questions.

Seo friendly blog content is not about title tags, links, and social engagement either, it is also about mobile-friendly content.

Want to build a loyal base of fans, subscribers, and readers of your blog, I suggest you follow this list of ideas and best practices:

  • Be SEO friendly
  • Use imagery that stands out
  • Share to your social media the blog posts you publish as you publish them
  • Use video or podcasts within blog content
  • Share to your email list
  • Link to other relevant posts
  • Link to other bloggers and content within your niche community
  • Always create content that is meaningful and full
  • When people engage, you engage with them
  • Rinse repeat good content

Not a hard list, but a list of things nonetheless you should at least consider following.

Attract a stronger readership.

I am not the best writer, I rely on video to be honest. But, I love to blog, I love to write!

You may not as a beginner here enjoy even the thought of blogging and creating awesome content but, I will tell you this; “neither did I!

Building and attracting a stronger readership to your blog, however, comes down to one important strategy or practice, and that is creating value-added content on as much of a regular basis as you can.

Not every piece will hit home with everyone all the time, but, much of it should, and often.

Go create, go build, and go get the kind of readers for your blog today that will truly set your lifestyle business on fire today!


Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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