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7 Things To Know Before You Start That Online Business Today!

7 Things To Know Before You Start That Online Business Today!

7 Things To Know Before You Start That Online Business Today!

Yes, these 7 things to know before you start that online business you want today will save you time, money, and a massive headache if you give yourself a few minutes here to listen to the video and scan this post!

Starting an online business is hard enough without adding in everything everyone is talking about when it comes to your startup here. Having some basic understanding of internet marketing best practices is a must, but you do not need to know everything, only what matters most to your business.

But, when it comes to startup, well, here are 7 simple ideas and questions you may want to know the answers to before you start shelling out money and time…

1. Is this the right niche business for me?

Nothing is worse than looking at your niche business today and thinking “great, another JOB!” Starting an online business today, tomorrow or even next week should never feel like a job, ever.

I know none of my own traffic driving and income earning businesses here do, nor those of my friends, students, and acquaintances who are already successful or working on it right now.

This is not a job, an online business is a passion.

See, that is how simple success can be actually, it is by asking yourself a very simple question; “am I really passionate about this topic, this business, or this opportunity?

If more people spent more time seriously considering the answer to this question instead of following the latest internet marketing guru down some path to “what’s hot now” in marketing, well, the success rates here would be much higher!

I was guilty of this on and off my first two years online. I would jump from one idea or practice, or software to another. Why? Well, to be honest, I am human, not that that is an excuse for frivolities here, but I susceptible to following every wind just like anyone else.

The right niche will and can keep you from this. The right niche business for you can keep you so focused that nothing can get you off track, period.

Spend some serious time asking yourself if you really are interested in your current journey and business online, you’d be amazed at what you really think, and how freeing it really is!

2. What internet marketing platforms do I need to master?

Here is the short list:

  • Basic search engine optimization
  • Blogging
  • Video marketing
  • WordPress
  • Email marketing
  • Sales funnels
  • Social media

While this is the short list, it is also a pretty general list. As a matter of fact, within each of these could be, and is for some, a multitude of best practices. However, needing to know and practice them all is not only a fool’s errand, it is just plain nuts!

Basic SEO is easy to learn, and most of it will come down to loading videos to YouTube, and your website and blog. As far as optimizing content on social channels, well that is as easy as sharing blog content and adding in some rather popular hashtags.

This also means engagement, and interaction with the content you share when others in real time engage and interact with the content you create, SEO does not stop at permalinks.

WordPress, that is your centerpiece if you will, it is your home for your brand, your business, and all of the best content you can create.

Your sales funnel and email marketing will come with an investment of both time and a little money. However, do not fall like some do for the trap of the “perfect” list building software, setting up a simple, and effective sales funnel is really easy.

I use Thrive Theme Content Builder and the Leads plugin, easy, simple, and very cost effective!

As far as my email marketing software is concerned, I trust Aweber, always have.

In the end, content marketing and follow-up, that is the internet marketing game you need to master here.

3. Where is my target market?

First off, I do suggest you try at least one or two strategies from the following list to help you find your target market:

  1. Create Reader Personas. …
  2. Conduct User Surveys Regularly. …
  3. Use Google Analytics. …
  4. Find Your Target Audience On Facebook With Facebook Insights. …
  5. Find Your Target Audience On Twitter By Connecting To Your Twitter Followers Dashboard. …
  6. Run An Annual Audience Survey. …
  7. Monitor Your Social Activity.

Personally, I hate survey’s, so #2 is out for me. However, I love Facebook Insights, Google Trends, and simply monitoring my social media.

Finding your target market can also be as simple as knowing where they like to search out information, and how they like to consume information online.

And o tell you a big fat truth that is usually avoided inside the “targeted traffic” arena for obvious reasons, your target market spends most of their time where you do!

Google, Facebook or some other favorite social channel, YouTube, and of course, in their inbox.

Before you start your online business, get to know your target market!Click To Tweet

I know, sound so simple, but what if it is? What if all the content, programs, software, and the hooting and hollering is simply just to make a dime, and the answer is actually this simple?

Think about it, Occam’s Razor is probably the right answer here, pun intended!

One of the most important steps to starting an online business today is to know your target market, and then find where they are. However, I think that is rather simple today, personally, the internet did not open the world, it created a smaller one full of groups, and clicks.

Create written content, video content, share and engage, where should be rather obvious.

4. How does branding an online business work?

Simple, and it is more than just the color you choose, or the logos or icons.

Of course, logos are important, and the colors you choose do matter, but imagery, message, and uniform likeness across different platforms is a must.

Basically, what I am saying here is this, I should know that if I click through from your YouTube channel, Facebook page, or even your Google+ or Twitter profile, that when I get to your website and blog, I know it’s you, your business, your brand!

Branding also comes down to your blog content. Your voice, your message, and staying on topic with your brand all the way through is a must today. Not just for SEO purposes either, but because too much information that is not really relevant is just that, not relevant.

As far as I am concerned, the most important brand strategy online is all about your message. How it looks, feels, and sounds matters most, so, in the end, everything matters when it comes to your brand online.

5. How much will this cost me to start?

Your web presence itself is low cost, more or less around $100 – $200 at most, and if you go with the latter, that is because you chose to go with a professional WordPress theme (which you should), and some sort of landing page software and Aweber.

However, if you are in the direct sales, starting up a drop ship business online, or something that requires you to “buy” product or pay for “services” on an ongoing process, make sure you add that into your internet marketing needs.

Cost, by the way, is a truly lame way to say to yourself what is it going to take from me to start an online business. Personally, I invested way more than that because I wanted internet marketing coaching as well, this way I started off the right way the first time.

Never once did I call any of it a “cost” to me, instead, it was all an investment. Re-educating myself and building something for the long-haul of mine and my families lives is what I wanted, and it did not cost me a thing, it was time well “spent.”

6. Do I need coaching?

I don’t know about you, but 110 days after getting started online, I was working at home, seriously. Now that seems pretty fast, even “overnight” if you will, but that is what happened.

How and why it happened was simple; I invested in my future with coaching and mentoring.

I needed coaching. I had no clue about being here, not even an email address. But, 110 days later, I was making videos, ranking on Google’s first page, and already had a list of 300 plus people!

Today, over 20,000 subscribers to three niche websites and blogs that will continue to grow, and still, almost 10 years later, I a still working from the comfort of home.

You want this, you want this life, you want to wake up tomorrow knowing that the office is 25 steps away, and 15 from the coffee pot. Well, if you skip this part, the part that can truly make the difference faster, then, well, I guess it just takes you longer to get here.

Do you need internet marketing coaching? If so, get it, no matter where you get it, just get it!

7. Do I need a professional web designer?

No, unless you have the money to pay for it, then yes, it would be fine then.

But that is the wonderful thing about WordPress! Today, with theme designers and website developers like Solo Pine or Brian Gardner over at StudioPress, well, you have everything you need, and only one click away.

Web design is important, to look clean, professional and so on is a must. However, to give up usability and some serious search engine optimization because of prettiness? No, never! Not this guy!

Design, I believe, should be all about layout and usability, period. User-friendly, mobile-friendly websites with WordPress are a must today! A must!

Do you need a web designer? Maybe, maybe not. I suggest you get started yourself here first and see what you need from there.

Start your online business today!

It takes time and knowledge of best internet marketing practices, but not all of them, to build an online business.

One of the most important best practices we all need is simple to know, but harder to practice and apply for many of us, patience. However, we all have the ability to practice it, period.

And one more thing. As the economy around us changes, we need to see and realize how it is changing, and to tell you the truth, starting an online business is one of the best things we can do today to keep up, and even take advantage of where the ecenomy is going.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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