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7 Steps For Building A Successful Blog – Start Your Blog Off Right!

7 Steps For Building A Successful Blog – Start Your Blog Off Right!

7 Steps For Building A Successful Blog – Start Your Blog Off Right!

7 Steps for building a successful blog, seriously. Without the hype of crazy software or tricks and gimmicks sold on “warrior forums” and such, here we will look at what it takes to start your blog off right, and better your chances of success.

I may be an internet marketing coach (and a good one I have been told), but at the end of the day, I like being called a professional blogger by the likes of Ryan Biddulph, Matthew “Kaboomis” Loomis and others.

So, what I am saying is this, I know what it is to build a success blog, no matter what type of blog it is.

And just so you know, with all that noise online you are competing with, it is a fact that a simple website and blog is what converts. See, here, there is only one conversation happening on a blog, and that is between you and your potential subscribers, and soon to be your all-around fans, and eventually, valued customers.

Building A Successful Blog.

I have loved blogging the most, yes, even more than video. And while video always drives and converts traffic just a little bit better, blogging is still my number one go-to-platform for build a lasting and trusted web presence online.

And it should be yours too.

No matter what your niche is, no matter what your opportunity, products or services are, and no matter what in the world your business here is at the end of the day, a blog and blogging is a vital part of growing a loyal audience and a huge list of valued subscribers and customers.


So, with this fact now embedded in your mind, let’s look at these simple, yet effective steps for building a successful blog.

#1 – Start Smart, No Free Rides, Sort Of…

I know, you want to keep it cheap or free. From small monthly fees to Wix (which is a horrible choice by the way), to absolutely free blog setups with Blogger and WordPress, you are looking for the cheapest way to start your new blog.

I get it, money may be tight for you, it was for me when I started as well.

(But, if it really is an issue, the investment that is, you can us this little secret here for getting started with blogging, without a blog, Facebook Notes works wonders. However, this platform will only work if you use it correctly, add in YouTube and a landing page of sorts to build your list. In the end, however, nothing is really free online except these videos here! You will at least have to invest time, and time is always more costly than anything…)

I invested over $2,000 for internet marketing training, and when it came to my website and blog, I took an entrepreneurial risk with that too and invested in a professional theme, a domain name, and hosting for 2 years.

That added up at the time to about $100.00. Seems cheap, and it is, and that is all it will cost you today as well, and even with a professional WordPress theme, you will not surpass $150.00 for a decent blog start up.

#2 – Titles That Hit Home.

Titles, there are books, articles, and a few million blog posts from experts, and not-so-experts about this one all-important part to the future of a successful blog. I mean seriously, this is a very, very important topic and practice.

Yes, if you have problems coming up with “snazzy” or “interesting” titles, then I suggest a small ebook or downloadable book on Kindle about sales copy or copywriting. There are many, and one in particular, Copy That Sells is a great buy and an even better read.

Yes, keywords are still extremely important, and the best place to get keywords is by listening to the community within your industry, customers and other business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

And from an SEO standpoint, I suggest those keywords as close to the beginning of your title as possible. Also, using those words or phrases in sub-headings is a must at least once as well.

Creating titles are part technical expertise, part art if you ask me, the same thing goes with your overall business and internet marketing practices here online.

Titles don’t just hit home; they HAVE TO hit home.

#3 – A Simple Action Plan.

It’s not just about a schedule for creating blog posts today; it’s about imagery, multimedia like video and audio, and on to a social media connection and follow-up.

There once was a day that a simple plan of action when building a successful blog was just that, simple. However, today, a blog is more than just a journal, it is the center of your online presence, it is more than a video, a social profile or a follow-up email, it is you and your brand in one.

When looking to build a successful blog, you have to look at everything offsite that leads back to it. When I find you on Facebook and go to your blog from a post, I need to know it’s you or your brand. The same thing with Twitter, YouTube and so on.

This all takes some planning for the soloprenuer out here; you can’t just start a blog and hope for the best with a 250-word post and some of those “fancy” plugins you bought on the “Warrior Forum!

No, I did not say easy, but it is a simple thing to make and plan out a great blog. After that, all you need to do is follow through.

#4 – Build That List!

I see it often; the only call-to-action is a sidebar opt-in form. No simple scroll up or non-invasive pop-up. No Welcome Mat either. Nothing but a “get my ebook here” opt-in form that is not working at all.


Well, get friggin’ creative with your calls to action!

If you want a $100 a month blog, add some affiliate links here and there. If you want the BIG BUCKS we make here, add those links and build a list you can stick them in the emails you send.

Blog posts with a good call to action convert well but trust that converts into bigger dollars works even better. You need a list.

The one thing I learned from the so-called gurus that did not cost me the continual payment they demand of their product after product approach, was the fact that “the money is in the list.”

Great list building will hinge on 3 things:

  1. The content you created in the first place.
  2. The calls to action and copy that are plain to see onsite.
  3. The type of FREE offers you have.

There are plenty of little things to go with these that you can find here in the free video series, but in the end, that is the gist of a simple and effective list building strategy with your blog.

#5 – Creat A Resources Page.

I have one, and to be honest, I would like to fix it up a bit eventually, but I have one. A resource page is a great place for a link to a disclaimer (ha!ha!), because a good resource page will consist of both free links to more helpful information, and affiliate products and or, services.

I will not spend too much time here breaking down everything that needs to be on a page like this; it should be somewhat obvious to tell you the truth.

Anything that can help people with getting the answer to their problems or needs, that is what should be on a resource page on your blog. And yes, that includes affiliate products or services you will actually make money with.

#6 – Be Different, Add More.

I think a couple of static pages other than a resource page is a great idea. An about page, and either a product or services page, or some mission statement about your particular industry and products or services.

Either way, this page is targeted for a specific keyword phrase like, “internet marketing coach” or, “The Best Bigfoot Encounters!

The about page should be simple, it should contain semantic words and phrases familiar to your niche, and most importantly, it needs to be somewhat personable, especially for you solopreneurs out here like me.

Other things that can help you to better brand your blog is not just color choices, actually, the choice of theme, imagery, logo, and multimedia. All of these things matter when you are considering building a blog, let alone a successful one.

Add more in-depth content, and throw out some short, snappy and to the point content as well.

Use video in your posts as often as called for, use podcasts if you hate your face on video.

Use your own images often, and when you have none, use images that mean something and speak to you about the blog post and content you just created, and never use plain ole’ stock photo!

When it’s published, share it out immediately.

Be social, share your blog posts, and share others content as well. Use your blog to not just build an income with, but instead, use it to build a community first, the money is just a natural side effect of that approach.

#7 – Give It Time To Grow.

Patience, the most important strategy and practice needed to build a successful blog, and most people, even myself at first, are impatient.

Blogging regularly means, BLOGGING REGULARLY! That should tell people that this is a marathon and not a race. Patience with any business is a must, I mean seriously, look at what they say about traditional business startups;

“It takes 2-3 years to succeed with a traditional business.”

Talk about patience, that is two years of your life compared to 6-8 months of continued blogging and other content marketing efforts.

But you must give it time to grow, any impatience on your part will lead to failure.

Start Your Blog Off Right!

When starting a new blog, it is better to take your time and build a successful blog than to hurry through it and fail.

These 7 steps for building a successful blog can help, and here in the free video series you can learn how to not only blog but how to build a whole web presence that is truly effective.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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