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7 Simple Ways To Boost Website Traffic, And Build Your List Too!

7 Simple Ways To Boost Website Traffic, And Build Your List Too!

7 Simple Ways To Boost Website Traffic, And Build Your List Too!

Here are 7 simple ways to boost website traffic, and build your list faster. And yes, just in case you are wondering, I have done this myself and will show you some results.

Boosting our website traffic, even if you currently have traffic visiting your site, is the one thing we all want to always be improving. However, there are a ton of voices out here today trying to tell us how.

Here, with this particular blog post, I wanted to share with you 7 simple ways I’ve used and some I still use to not only grow more traffic but, can also be used to grow your list as well…

How to boost website traffic made easy.

Well, made simple is more like it, I do not anything online that is all that easy at first. Like anything in life, it takes some know-how here, and the gumption to get things done with that knowledge.

While many of us say things are easy here, what we mean is that they are simple once you understand how to work with, or understand how to implement something.

Strategies and best practices for boosting your traffic, income, and even your visibility if that is all you are looking for still comes with a learning curve, but a simple one if you are patient with it.

However, there are some ways to get faster traffic and convert that traffic into customers. Here are the seven simplest ways to boost your traffic, and your list.

1. The free offer.

The freebie. The freemium. The ethical bribe.


Your free offer not only comes with a variety of labels made up by marketers, and content marketers alike, but there are many different free offers you can choose to use to grow your list and traffic.

Of course, not everyone needs a free offer to get a subscriber, but you and I, well, we do.

Personally, I am more partial to the “free video” offer than ebooks. However, I am also more prone to a free giveaway than a video!

What I am telling you here is simple; “some free offers are really better than others, and you need to know which is best for your audience.

Here are some simple ideas, and I will list them out from my favorite to my least favorite:

  • Free prize, product, or service
  • Free video or video series
  • Contest to win a prize
  • Free membership access, full access for at least 7 days
  • Free ebook or whitepaper
  • Free newsletter and updates

That is not all there is to offer out here, or at least how to offer an introduction to your products, services, or opportunity, but they are the most popular.

The best way to choose the one for you is simple, first look at your competitors, what are they offering and how are they offering it? And, the other way is simply to test it out with people you know.

Either way, in the end, the fastest way to get subscribers and build that list is through a free offer, this is simply industry standard and best practice today.

2. Interview an expert.

From time to time, I interview experts from all kinds of entrepreneurial, and internet marketing backgrounds. From network marketers to affiliate marketers and even awesome freelancers.

A simple way to grow some fast traffic, and even convert some of that traffic is to start interviewing experts within your niche.

Nothing screams of your own authority than to be recognized enough by other authorities within your niche or industry who are interviewed by you. Sounds funny the way I wrote that out, but I am sure you get the gist of what I am saying, and what it means to you.

How do you get them for interviews?

Well, ask, there is a start. Reach out and ask individuals you wish to interview for one. Personally, I’ve done it myself, and now, I do it still from time to time and it works wonderfully for traffic, and most importantly, it helps you and others.

Get out and start rubbing shoulders in your community, after all, it helps your readers, subscribers, and it can help to bolster new traffic.

3. Guest blog somewhere popular.

I am soon to have some excerpts on Content Marketing Institute, and my favorite place to guest blog is Blogging From Paradise. Of course, I have guest blogged other places, and I have to tell you, it can create a small or large wave of new traffic and subscribers.

Guest blogging, at first, well in it’s beginning, was used for people to bolster ranking factors for their blogs. However, today, it has become a way for you and I to gain new friends, new audiences, and build that brand of ours.

Guest blogging still works today for those particular reasons. If you plan on guest blogging for SEO purposes like the days of old, forget it. But, if you are planning on guest blogging to help others, and your own reach, then that is what guest blogging does.

Where to guest blog?

Well, first off, try submitting to the Huffington Post, to Medium, and to other bloggers and website owners within your industry.

Do not let a NO get you down, you will get them here and there, I may have guest blogged on some pretty popular blogs, but there are some I am still trying to get on, yet I continue to get a no.

4. Repurpose and reshare old awesome content!

A great way to get a surge in new traffic is to use the old!

Evergreen content rocks! But, evergreen content fixed up and repurposed via ebooks, videos series, a podcast, and or simply a blog post being updated can truly drive some serious traffic fast.

never underestimate the power of the evergreen piece of content, repurposed and shared out can help you not only recapture your authority with some but, create it for the new reader or follower.

Here are some simple ideas for repurposing content:

  • Convert Your Old Blog Posts Into Hands-On Guides
  • Turn Your Already Published Content into Podcasts
  • Make Use of Your Internal Data and Put It Together into Case Studies
  • Gather All Your Interviews into an Expert Advice E-book
  • Transform the Quora Q&A into Valuable Blog Post
  • Share Your Statistics Through Twitter Posts
  • Update Your Old Posts with New Information
  • Create New Blog Posts and Articles from Spinoffs
  • Create A Slide Deck & Upload To SlideShare to Reach New Audience
  • Build an Infographic to Make the Best Out of Your Old Content
  • Put Your Current Content Together Into an E-book
  • Write Guest Posts on Topics You Already Have Expertise On
  • Promote Your Existing Blog Posts from Multiple Points of View
  • Turn Your Existing Content into Videos
  • Conduct Podcasts with Industry Leaders Following Themes You Are Already Familiar with

There are of course a ton more, but for now, this should give you some ideas.

5. Run a simple contest.

You can also boost your traffic and subscribers through the age-old contest strategy!

I have a free giveaway on my other niche blog every month, and it works great, who does not like free stuff!? And like that giveaway, a good contest can get you faster traffic than just about any other campaign out here.

Like the giveaway, this is a content to win something absolutely free through simply subscribing to you!

Personally, I would make whatever it is simple, maybe a few minutes of free consultation, a book, or even a coffee mug. However, I will say this, the contest needs to come with a prize that is really worth it when it comes to your niche and business.

Make it count, make it simple, but also make it something substantial enough to warrant me to give you my name and email.

6. Webinar and videocasts work.

Webinars and videocasts work, and the reason they work is because of the personableness of them.

Personally, I love webinars and videocasts so much in fact, that I am going to hit them harder myself this year and going forward. I have also been using video in and of itself for years, it has been extremely effective.

Video and watching content really can connect people personally to you, your message, and eventually, your brand and it’s products or services.

If you think about it, webinars are a great way to personally connect you to your audience, period. Look at YouTubers, those that do live video on Facebook, their subscriber rates, and conversion rates, in general, are much higher than the average business owner online not doing these things.

7. A free weekly podcast.

Like video, but not quite as good I personally feel, podcasting can work wonders for boosting some fast traffic.

Of course, I think a good podcast will need to be optimized and promoted a bit more if it is stand alone compared to added to a great blog post.

But, I listen to podcasts at least 2-3 times a week, and if I have a cold, I’ll listen to 5-6 Ha! Either way, I’ve been known to follow and even subscribe to people and brands myself due to a great podcast.

I would also point out that CopyBlogger and Pat Flynn rely on podcasts and blogs heavily, and it works well!

Want to boost your traffic, and you may be nervous to deal with video just yet? Then let me suggest you get into podcasting, it works well, very well.

Boosting your traffic…

Internet marketing, your skills at internet marketing I should say, is an ongoing practice of applying what works, and learning new things that can be added or, left behind.

Traffic generation, boosting your traffic can be done through many practices here, my advice though is this; “do not get lost in the hype here, do what works, and be skeptical with new practices and platforms. Make them prove themselves first.”

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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  • Grant Merriel March 22, 2017 at 3:50 am

    I agree on interviewing influencers/experts for increasing traffic. This year, we started interviewing influencers for our podcast and our website traffic goes up!

    • David Boozer Author March 22, 2017 at 11:46 am

      Great! IT does help, and it helps us learn from them as well…

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