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7 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts, And Why You Need To!

7 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts, And Why You Need To!

7 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts, And Why You Need To!

Yep, the 7 most powerful ways to promote your blog posts, and why you need to start promoting them period.

As a beginner with a whole new web presence, you may think it almost ludicrous to even publish content based on bad marketing advice about competition, Google ranking based on authority and time and so on… Nothing could be further from the truth.

You need to publish blog posts, and you need to promote them using these simple but powerfully effective ways below to build that authority, trust and, yes some history…

Why We Promote Our Blog Posts.

I have heard people say that without history of a blog or website, that it is most likely a waste of time to blog. Well then, how do you think we get that history or “time” if you will in with the major search engines like Google?

Yeah, we create blog content.

There may be some algorithms out here that give blogs like this one here an edge, but that does not mean you cannot create the type of content people want to truly consume, and if you do, Google wants it! No matter how new your site is, or what some supposed marketing guru tells you.

watch it grow.

I have out ranked people and brands who are bigger than me, and who have been around a whole lot longer with a good piece of content… And so have many of those I have coached here and there.

Time and authority do matter for being ranked higher more often, and for having a higher rank for your overall website keywords or keyword phrase. But, anyone and everyone has the ability and opportunity to get ranked under a keyword phrase on the front page of Google.

And promoting your blog posts has a great deal to do with that today as engagement of a blog post via social media can not only help boost that chance, but also, by promoting your content as shown below, you are literally guaranteed traffic!

And yes, I said guaranteed traffic because it is only a natural here that “some” or “many” will click through…

So, let’s look at these different and powerful ways of to boost your blog posts!

1.  Post To Twitter.

I like Twitter. No, I do not pay for advertising on there, but I am considering building a Twitter List pretty soon about a subject on another blog of mine here.

Oh, what is a Twitter list? It is this:

“A list is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the users on that list. Note: Lists are used for reading Tweets only.”

Not too complicated to run, just simply feed to it your blog posts and let those on the list engage as well… But back to Twitter.

Share your blog post. Include a hashtag or two for good measure. And if you can, add an image, they are 60% more likely to be re-tweeted than not having an image.

This is why I use the Image Share from Sumome on my blogs, you can hover over the images here to get what it does.

Twitter is a great resource for fast traffic, not as fast as the next powerful way to boost your blog posts I personally believe, but it will and does work.

2. Post To Facebook Groups.

Facebook groups and group pages, nothing get’s you and I faster traffic online today, and I mean traffic right now, literally today, this minute, this second!

Yes, you can start a group, and manage it, but let’s keep it simple for now…

For now, let’s just share a link, a little description and a hashtag or two. The image itself, your featured image should automatically populate, so no worries about adding an image.

Find 2-3 groups that the message would resonate with, now share. 3 days later, do it again with the same blog post.

3. Post To Google Plus.

Are you publishing content? Well then, any publisher of content and blog posts knows that Google Plus is the perfect place to not only gain some eyeballs and click through(s), but it is also a great place to boost and promote YOU as the publisher.

Google not only loves great content, but they also love PEOPLE and or BRANDS who can prove their authority and trust through creating great content, and that includes great blogs content especially.

Get on Google+ and get publishing.

4. Share Out Others. (Link Building)

Share out others within your blog posts, not just via social media. Mentioning people within your content is even better here because here within a blog post you can build your SEO via linking.

And linking to others, who then link back and are also authoritative people or brands within your own industry can be a huge factor in boosting your own rankings and visibility.

One of the best and most effective of the so-called influence-marketing practices is that of linking to others through mentioning them or their products or services via a blog post.

5. Running Live Feeds.

I was not a fan of Meerkat or Periscope, but when Blab came out it blew me away.

If you want to truly promote your blog post, do a live feed about the subject and link that from your blog post to the recorded Blab. Yes, you will have a Youtube video playing there, but underneath and in bold could and should be a link to a live stream.

6. Send It Out Via Email.

They say email marketing makes up nearly 80% of your conversion rates to actual money making online. But, what they do not usually state, or give a lot of credence to is the fact of where that email was directing you back to.

And just so you know, over 50% of the time an email blast and or call to action is made in an email, it is directed back to a static page within a website or, a blog post! And yes, these contain more than just words and we will get to that in a moment.

From your blog you will and can generate a ton of subscribers, and fast. And even better, you can use that same medium or platform to convert subscribers as well into paying customers or clients.

As for myself, I do not care what email marketing system you use, Mailchimp, Get Response and so on, personally, I trust Aweber, period. In the end, all that matters is that you use your email platform and marketing efforts to not only promote your blog posts, but use those same broadcasts and posts to convert subscribers.

7. Adding Multimedia To Your Blog Mix.

Yes, more than words. Blog posts can contain awesome and powerful multimedia like images, video and even live feed events or sessions to truly promote a particular blog posts subject matter.

My 3 personal favorites are great imagery, YouTube video embed and live stream video and or, audio.

Each of these can truly build authority and trust, as well as your opt in rates, and in the end, your bottom line. Adding multimedia to your blogging mix like YouTube can get you found on the second largest search engine in the world, YOUTUBE!

Live stream platforms, preferably Blab, can truly connect you to people on a more personal level, and at the same time give you two more multimedia types of content, visual and audio to add to your blog post.

Imagery, well, pictures are worth a thousand words they say…

Get Promoting Today.

Don’t wait, you do not need more infographics or stories to read to start getting things done, just do. See, promoting your blog posts is easy, but you need a blog post to promote, and that is where most people fail, they simply just never create valuable content in the first place…

Don’t be them, be you and start creating.

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God Bless!

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