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6 Ways to Position Yourself to Make More Money Online – Straight From Ryan Biddulph…

6 Ways to Position Yourself to Make More Money Online – Straight From Ryan Biddulph…

6 Ways to Position Yourself to Make More Money Online – Straight From Ryan Biddulph…

This is an awesome guest post from Ryan Biddulph a friend, mentor, and all-around pro…

To make more money online is simply a positioning game.

It’s not as much about monetizing each and every action online as it is about setting up a strong monetizing foundation for the future.

Look at David Boozer; this blog’s owner has built a highly profitable business through building a prospering platform. He’s had stunning success by following all 6 tips on this list.

Position yourself to make more money online…

I have been blessed to globe trot through blogging, funding my trips with my pro blogging profits by following these tips.

Are you struggling terribly to make money online? Are you desperate to crack the code to earning steady profits?

Feel your pain. Go ahead, embrace it. Then decide to take a different approach to internet marketing: instead of hustling for your daily bread focus on positioning yourself to earn steady short term profits and towering long term profits.


This 1-2 punch of short and long term profits helps you build a hefty long-term income which allows you to live your wildest dreams through internet marketing, all while you help aspiring internet marketers on the come up.

Follow these 6 ways to position yourself to make more money online.

1: Create Videos

I have fallen in love with Facebook Live videos.

I create 1-2 such videos daily to have fun, to spread love and to help my friends build successful blogs.

Creating video makes you human. Viewers can sense your energy, feeling your authenticity. Naturally, many people watching your videos will buy in – literally and figuratively – to your business and brand because they connect with you more easily through video.

2: Run a Podcast

Run a podcast. Prove that you’re a human being.

Podcast hosts are perceived to be an authority. Authorities prosper mightily online.

Look at guys like John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn. They have had success before building world-renowned podcasts but hearing their voice helps you create an even stronger connection with both guys.

Both dudes seem more real, human and authentic when you hear their voices. Real human beings who allow their humanness to shine through do really well online financially-speaking.

Again, following each tip is more about positioning yourself as an internet marketer. Maybe you won’t command Tim Ferriss or Pat Flynn podcasting advertising money during your first money but you will lay the foundation for a profitable internet marketing business by starting your podcast today.

3: Build an Email List

Build an email list.

Position yourself to earn steady cash online.

How it works:

“you publish a blog post or release a product. Then you email the news to your list.”

Since most folks are drawn to their email like moths to a flame your clicks and sales will increase quickly as your email list grows.

List building is about sharing value and staying on topic. Offer your latest blog posts. Consider doing a free giveaway. Just stay on topic with each update to grow your list steadily and to set up a profitable sales funnel.

4: Build Friendships with Top Internet Marketers in Your Niche

Promote top marketers in your niche by featuring them on your blog. Interview successful marketers. Tweet their posts. Email them asking how you can help them.

Making friends with rocking internet marketers simply expands your presence fast. Some folks may enter into mutually beneficial partnerships. Other folks will promote you and endorse you.

All these sweet perks of making friends with top marketers simply help you to make more money online. Now and in the future.

5: Guest Post

Guest posting is a powerful form of leveraging.

Example; I may have a set number of readers on my blog but one guest post on Pro Blogger exposes me to 300,000 readers. That means a whole lotta prospering potential down the road.

Guys like Leo Babauta at Zen Habits built a monster list through a guest post. Having 2 million subscribers can kinda help you make money online. A little. Yes, Leo has over 2 million email subscribers.

Write 1000 words daily just for practice. By building friendships with top bloggers and writing daily many big dawg bloggers will invite you to guest post on their blogs, helping you to develop authority in your niche.

Authority internet marketers make money online.

6: Blog Comment

You can get paid to gab. Honest.

I get paid to share my opinion. Maybe not directly, but the comments I publish on top blogs drive traffic to my blog, build friends and lead to eBook sales, product sales or clients hiring me.

Blog commenting helped get the ball rolling.

Write a 1 to 5 paragraph comment on top blogs from your niche once weekly. Be persistent. Comment over the course of months. This builds friendships and drives traffic to your blog, both foundations for effectively monetizing your blogging campaign.

Your Turn…What tips can you add to this list? Comment below…

Who is Rayn?

Ryan Biddulph was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. After being employed in a series of corporate jobs Ryan worked for 4 years as a security guard at Port Newark, NJ before being downsized. He went on to become a globe-trotting professional blogger who owns the website Blogging from Paradise.

Wrap up….with Dave.

Thanks, Ryan, that was awesome! Don’t forget, you can CLICK HERE and get some or all like I did, of Ryan’s powerful books about blogging and developing a seriously successful business online today. Trust me, I have them all, and I have read them more than one time each!

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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