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5 Secrets Of Blogging That Successful Bloggers Will Never Tell You, And Why…

5 Secrets Of Blogging That Successful Bloggers Will Never Tell You, And Why…

5 Secrets Of Blogging That Successful Bloggers Will Never Tell You, And Why…

I am blunt if I am nothing else at all. And so I will be here as I share 5 secrets of blogging that many, if not most, successful bloggers will never tell you, ever, not even if they are drunk or talking in their sleep.

Seriously though, I was reading a blog post that covered this not long ago and figured I could add to it, plus tell you why they never did tell even me until I figured it out for myself, this way you can avoid the hurt and heartache of it all.

Let’s look at these so-called secrets that for the most part, I consider the ‘reality‘ part of the show here.

The real secrets of blogging.

The real reason I wanted to throw my two cents in here, was the fact that these secrets really are some of the topics many successful bloggers will not talk about. Of course, they won’t either, at least most will not, reason being, well, it does not “convert” very well! Duh!

Personally, I do not mind one bit to sharing with you everything about blogging that works and what sucks about it. Besides, I’ve been there and done that in the last ten years here, and I would rather see you succeed knowing all the good, the bad, and the ugly about blogging successfully.

I also wanted to share this with you because you may be thinking and daydreaming of starting a business through my little “blog flipping” class, and are afraid because these little topics or secrets actually entered your mind.

Well, I am afraid I am not going to be able to ease your mind here, but I can at least give you the reason to move forward with your dreams of a blogging lifestyle, hopefully.

Let’s take a look at these crazy little secrets of blogging they, the top bloggers out there, keep to themselves.

One is the loneliest number.

Blogging is as lonely as a 70’s song sometimes, well most of the time!

I wake up every day, well, 99% of the time at least around 4:30 AM. I start up the two computers, grab some coffee, pray to the good Lord for a few, and then, well, I start writing.

It is not all that lonely, I listen to Greg Laurie on one PC while writing on the other, but yes, I am the only one writing or blogging if you will.

Building a business out of a niche blog is a lonely journey. That is not a bad thing either, sometimes the crowded landscape of multiple partnerships can get in the way and even stifle creativity, it’s true, I don’t care what your guru taught you;

[signy_quote sgny_quote_content=”Too many voices can create failure in life and business…”]

I like the quiet of an early morning to write. Picture this if you will;  dark, foggy, but a beautiful fall morning in the Pacific Northwest. The coffee is steaming, the editor box is open, and prayers have been said for the day. It is time to inspire, inform, educate, or even entertain through your blog, it is time to create.

Lonely is the road, but it is still a great road to travel, trust me, that morning is most of my own mornings.

Why is this such a big deal many blog coaches try to evade? Well, you got it, it’s because it is not a flattering thing to think about. For some, the loneliness is a deal breaker, no matter what it stems from.

Blogging is a journey, not a hayride.

I like a good hayride with the wife and kids out in the fields of our local farm. They are short, yeah, but they are sweet.

Blogging is a journey, not a short hayride through the pumpkin patch or around the corn maze! It takes time and serious application to the practice of patience.

I love the journey, and to tell you the truth, it can be a 2 month, 3 months or even 6 or more month process of building a blog that can literally support you financially speaking, and yes, they can be extremely lucrative.

I currently run a niche blog myself that is growing into a multiple 5-figure a year income stream all by itself, and I spend no more than a couple hours a week on it! Ha!

But, it took me nearly two months to start earning even a simple $1K a month with it, and even though that is rather fast, it is possible to achieve no matter who you are, and no matter the subject for the most part.

[signy_quote sgny_quote_content=”Quitting something is not bad if it is keeping you from success, remember that!”]

Yep, you suck at this!

I said “for the most part” above! I am meaning to sound a little more fun than sarcastic or snobbish, but it is true, blogging is not for everyone and some people simply suck so bad at it they’ll never succeed with it.

I am sorry, I believe in providence, not luck, determination and not education. Education is important when it comes to building a successful blog, how to optimize, create, publish, and engage with your community is a must, but for some, blogging alone is just not their thing.

There is nothing wrong with sucking at something, jeez-whiz!

I am not politically correct, so get off your high horse and know that you and I both suck at certain things, yet, at the same time, we more than exceed at others.

The problem is, sometimes, we really want whatever it is to work out, like our blogging efforts. But, in the end, the good Lord made you a web designer, a networker, a painter, not a blogger, so get past it.

Am I telling you to quit? Yes, and No. What I am telling you to do is to check your pie-in-the-sky idea of being here at the door and be willing and ready to accept reality if needs be whether that is failure or success.

It is all about the 1%.

Personally, I’ve met two 1% earners in my life, company men, okay, one was a woman. I have to say to all you who detest these people, you never met one, so you cannot know how nice they actually are.

But, I am not talking about the mostly nice folks on the top 1% of the income earning charts in America, I am actually talking about your raving fans, clients, or brand-stalkers of your blog.

These people will be the major part of your earnings online, and they will eventually become your mouthpiece. I have to say, it is nice getting so much referral traffic from many of you, it helps, and it is truly appreciated!

Your top 1% of the readers and subscribers of your blog will feed you, literally. Some I have seen get a ton of blog traffic, yet, a year later, they are gone. Why? Well, they simply let that 1% down, they did not take care of them as they should have.

Your fans are your fans, they are the season ticket holders, not the ‘johnny come lately‘ to the ballpark types.

Your hobby & passion are not enough?

Sometimes there is simply not enough interest in whatever your niche may be. You love care bear stickers, and you think blogging about them is going to be a hit, but that is not the reality of things here.

I chose Bigfoot, hey, my mother and I found some track once when I was 13. But, I chose that as a niche subject and it worked. It is a pretty popular subject. I also niched down to the Pacific Northwest, that worked even better!

But, not all my blogs over the last 10 years worked out, actually, only three out of probably 25 or 30 actually paid off in the long run, or, well, the journey here!

Not every subject has enough traffic to monetize, and if you are here to make some money, well, find something else to blog about.

Bonus: You’re a quitter!

When it will not work I quit it like cigarettes 2 years ago.

I know, we are told quitting is a bad, bad thing! Well, my dad quit drugs and alcohol and I quit smoking Camels. I also quit a few businesses online that simply did not pan out in the time I was hoping for.

I waited a little longer and tried really hard, but even I have a limit and will quit when something really needs quitting.

Quitting is not bad if it is keeping you from success, remember that!


Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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