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5 Reasons You Need To Quit Your Day Job By The End Of The Year!

5 Reasons You Need To Quit Your Day Job By The End Of The Year!

5 Reasons You Need To Quit Your Day Job By The End Of The Year!

Yes, you can quit your day job by the end of this year, and I will show you a simple business plan that will help you accomplish that here.

But, first, I want you to know why you should even consider quitting and leaving your job, and the reasons are both simple, and real. As a matter of fact, you can guarantee yourself success here after this blog post, seriously.

Let’s look at the why, and how of starting a simple and successful journey online, together…

The dumb stuff people say. (me too)

Yes, I believe we can be stupid and dumb sometimes, and once in a while, we can be both at the same time! Ha!

How do we know this? Well, have you ever caught yourself trying one crazy money-making program after another online, yet still to this day, you have nothing to show for it? How about when you try to break up a dog fight thinking you’ll come out unscathed?

See what I mean? There are a million different positions we can find ourselves in that can really prove that the actual “thought” we put into the situation was not all that rational or true in the end. And that is when we say and believe some pretty dumb stuff.

my boy on the beach.

By the way, here are some pretty popular untruths (dumb stuff) many tell themselves every day:

“I’ve been working here so long they’ll never lay me off.”

“I invaluable to the team so I am completely safe in my job.”

“My future is in my retirement fund, it’s completely safe.”

“My company is very stable, I am not worried about losing my place or job here.”

“I have a college degree and will have no trouble getting a job.”

That last one kills me, simply put, if you went to Berkley, and I was the hire and fire guy? Well, your fascist butt would probably no even get an interview in the first place! Ha!

But, you have to admit, many of us, even myself at one point or another years and years ago has made one of these claims. And guess what? That is right, not one of them is actually true!

In all honesty, they are simply the dumb things we tell others to try and save face or, we simply tell ourselves to keep that false sense of security within us up.

To be honest, here are the realities we need to face, and we need to face them now, not when it is too late. (Trust me, even I had a couple of these thoughts below)

The job is going to quit you, anyway.

At some point, no matter if you voted for him (which I did, and will again) or her, your job will eventually, in this day and age, quit you.

Between invention, modernization, and technology, there are many, many jobs out here that are quitting you and opting for a cheaper version of you over the long haul. That would be technology by the way.

It is not that the company or business owner hates you, or is out to ‘screw the little guy,’ not even close 99% of the time. Actually, it is a simple answer to a bottom line question is all.

Many jobs, even your job might be, soon, replaced my a machine with a serial number on the back of it.

No, this is not all jobs out here, we still need money-grubbing-life-sucking attornies to do the will of power seeking politicians and radicals bent on making you bow to them after all.

But, for some working in the lines of industry, a robot or machine will take your place, and the company will quit you. And, as I said before, “it’s not personal, it’s business.”

This is why you need to plan and think ahead.

You don’t need a job, you need a passive or residual income.

Here is one that actually gets you to think about your current road in your work life. Are you working to just work then die? Or, are you working to eventually stop, and take some time to smell and enjoy the roses of life?

Why do people, especially young people float from one job to the other today? Well, to be fair and honest, it is not all due to their attention deficit disorder created by their current smartphone dependency. Actually, it’s because of the factor above, and because many jobs today just don’t cut the mustard for cost of living.

Is that the companies fault? No. Should companies be forced to pay you the amount you want? No, that is called indentured servitude, also known as slavery. No, what needs to happen, is the fact we need to start creating and building for ourselves a side income, that side hustle if you will.

You need, and I needed at the time I started, to dig up that self-reliant attitude and start building a passive or residual income for ourselves. You can do it, I would know, I’ve done it here myself.

Today we have the internet, the perfect entrepreneurial tool to build for ourselves not just a “voice,” but a solid income stream too.

Most jobs today are freelance anyways.

Another reason you need to seriously start thinking about quitting that day job is simple, your job is really just a freelance gig anyways.

I mean seriously, think about it, how many jobs have you held over the last decade? 2? 3? 5? Are you currently working for a company or employer that you know will end at some point?

Freelancing is a great way to generate a solid and serious passive income online by the way. And, just so you know, when you are online working the freelance thing, at least you can honestly tell yourself that you are a freelancer instead trying to convince yourself your current position in your work life is not when it is.

The economy and the job market has changed today.

Where there were long industrious lines of people packing things, and spending years at the same old job.

That has all changed, most people get their jobs through temp agencies and Craigslist today, and most of the workforce out here is temporary, and moving from one employer to another.

Today, it is all about being industrious for yourself and floating those products and services through your blog, your social media channels, and Amazon if it helps. That is the new full-time gig if you will.

You are a freelancer at your day job, so you might as well be here, and working for yourself as one.

It makes no financial sense today to stay there.

Could you imagine working 30 years for one employer, and then, one day, getting that first retirement check and realizing it is not enough?

That is what is happening today. And add on the fact that politicians are using it for their own means and political aspirations only to promise to pay it back, well, what a perfect mix for your financial disaster.

I will not rely on a republican or a democrat for my own retirement. Instead, I will rely on my own willingness to learn and build something successful, and I really think you ought to as well.

Listen, if you want to, and have the ability to work for the same employer and company for your entire life, great. All I am saying is that you still need to do and have some kind of side hustle, it can really make the difference in the 401K or IRA Plan!

Happiness is not in a job, it is in your passion.

A job is good, we should all have one when we need one, and give it 100% of our effort while on the clock.

But, when asking a bunch of people if they are truly passionate about their job, about what they do for a living currently, many statistics show us that nearly 90% of people are here are not.’

They like their job, and they are grateful to have one, but happiness? Well, what if you had a great little niche blog, or partnered with a great MLM company, or, even better, got some side gigs here and there writing blog content for others, all because you love to write?

And, what if that little extra side gig brought you in an extra $500-$1000 a month after a few months or so?

When you are passionate about something, I’ll tell you this; it would not surprise me to see you making more than that down the road either.

You’d be amazed at how many people started a business like that and in a year or two ended up with six-figure incomes from the comfort of home.

Besides, are you happy with any of these common workplace things:

  • the meetings
  • the forced relationships with people you wouldn’t otherwise be caught in the same room with
  • the office politics
  • being told when you can go to lunch
  • watching people get promoted who are less capable than you
  • having your behavior scrutinized every day by HR to make sure you’re not violating some rule in the 600-page company handbook
  • worrying that something you say is going to get misconstrued and turned into a complaint
  • spending all that time getting up, getting ready, fighting traffic and feeling like a rat on a treadmill
  • being away from your friends and/or family
  • sitting at work and wishing you were woodworking or making crafts of shooting photos or at the beach or reading a book
  • dealing with the petty people at work who think you need to know all about their love lives
  • getting paid about 10% of what you could earn if you did the exact same work directly for the customer

I would not, and when I was working for someone else, a company, in fact, I did not, except the relationships with people, I got along most of the time with everyone.

Quit your day job.

Do not quit your job until your side gig is making you enough to at least feed you, your family, and pay all the bills.

But, until it does, there is no reason to start a side business today, you never know, it could be the reason you quit your day job by the end of this year!

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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