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5 Ordinary Hobbies You Can Make Money With…

5 Ordinary Hobbies You Can Make Money With…

5 Ordinary Hobbies You Can Make Money With…

This week I wanted to share 5 ordinary hobbies you can make money with starting today plus, some other ideas about starting up a serious income, money-making online business out of your passion or, hobby.

From Bigfoot to Fall and Winter and marketing, I’ve created 3 simple but, highly successful and lucrative income streams online. I have also helped people like you take their interests, passions, and or, hobbies, and turn them into 5-figure, six-figure, and even 7-figure incomes online.

And yes, you can accomplish that same feat! But, first, let’s look at 5 simple hobbies as examples, and with examples to go with it. Even if you are not passionate about the following ideas, no worry, all the tips here can be applied to any passion you have that you wish to turn into a thriving income generator online today…

Hobbies are the future 9-5.

I believe that the future 9-5 job will be those who can start and grow their passions or hobbies into income streams online.

Yes, there will always be a need for the foreseeable future of certain jobs, but the average Joe or Josephine today can take that current 9-5 they go to every day into a simple 9-noon or even 9-10 inside months today.

From coaching to print on demand, from affiliate marketing to network marketing, there is a product or service you can promote or create for any niche out here today.

The only thing stopping you from doing and accomplishing this for yourself is one of two things; 1) you have no idea where to start or, 2) you lack the basic knowledge of the platforms you need to use, and how to use them.

So did I when I started!

Do not let the lack of knowledge or the fear of technology stop you. I started with no knowledge of anything here. I borrowed a computer to buy into some great coaching and bought a computer the next day. Don’t believe me? Ask my wife; she’ll tell you, ha!

So, a lesson for you at this moment is, never let stupid non-important stuff get in your way of success with anything!

Here are some great ideas for some simple ordinary hobbies you can make a great living with online and from the comfort of home with, and I will share examples with you too!


I hated writing at first. Almost 10 years later and I love writing blog posts, fictional novels, and cool campfire stories too! Oh, and I love Grammarly, you’ll get that when you click here to check it out.

But, writing is a great hobby to turn into a great money-making, bill-paying platform online.

Editing or proofreading, freelance writing, e-books, white papers, a niche blog, fiction or non-fiction Kindle books, and even sales copy for list building and sales funnels or adverts. I could go on and on with the many different ideas I am sure, but for now, I’ll stop there.

Where I will not stop, however, is how you can make money with this hobby, and where you should be online to start getting the traffic you need to grow your service or product based business of writing for a living.

Today anyone who likes to write can earn money writing. One of the best places to start is through writing for others and giving writing tips to others. You can add in affiliate marketing to this platform as well through reviews and suggestions of tools and other products.

Personally, I would start with the most basic of platforms online, both of them; a blog, and YouTube.

Yes, I’ll get to the social media side of things in a moment, but for now, I would start with creating content that get’s ranked within the two major search engines today both Google and YouTube.

These two platforms are and will always be the base of operations for you, period, a blog, and a YouTube channel. This will allow people to access your content both visually, and through text, and yes, a writer can use video to his or her advantage.

As far as many marketing experts are concerned, authors and writers and bloggers should also consider Instagram, Pinterest, and, of course, Facebook for growing their audiences.

Monetizing this hobby is easy. My friend and writer/editor Jane here has the perfect mix of affiliate marketing and her services. She prefers to write and publish her content, but she also loves helping people get published.

I would say that both your services and affiliate marketing should be used by both the freelance writer and authors can benefit from both these platforms for monetizing their hobby and passion for writing.

The foodie.

Yes, the food lover, the chef, the mom or dad who has a passion for creating culinary perfection 7 nights a week at home for the family. For those ‘foodies’ out here, a great food blog is a great passion and or hobby to monetize online today!

Now I will not need to dive into much of the platforms you’ll need here as you can and should follow that of the writer above, even when it comes to how they monetize.

Except, there is one advantage I think for the foodie the writer on any given day may not have, the possibility of opening a true e-commerce shop with the likes of Shopify.

Whether you start with a WordPress blog (which is a great idea) and tie in a simple Shopify e-commerce store or, go simply with Shopify as both your shop and blog as it has a perfect one built in like WordPress.

From affiliate marketing to your services the food blogger has the best of both worlds. And, like the other passions and hobbies, we are covering here, getting your YOUTUBER on could be a great way to earn as a foodie (food blogger) online.

Yes, starting a WordPress blog and getting your Adsense on is a great idea. Personally, I do this with my own niche blog online and it pays the mortgage and car payment every month, and I only spend 2-3 hours a week on it.

A passion for food can literally put food on your table today given you try.

The traveler.

I am working currently with another travel blogger. This person has been around the world and back again. He has seen the best, and sometimes the worst of humanity.

Unlike the tranquil and peaceful pictures we see all over Instagram today from travel bloggers sometimes, and he is not afraid to share it, the world can be a truly complicated and scary mess. But, for the most part, his stories and anecdotes are full of simple travel tips from beautiful places around the globe.

Like foodies and writers, the same goes here, except, like the foodie, the advantage of a Shopify e-commerce store can be had with the travel blogger.

And, to top it off, YouTube and the income possibilities there are endless.


Okay, repeat the platforms above as far as the platforms you can use as a photographer, except, instead of Shopify, I think platforms like and Etsy are great places to sell prints, pictures, and offer your services through a WordPress website and blog.

Not to mention; iStockphoto – Shutterstock – SmugMug Pro – 500px Prime.

These platforms all offer the opportunity to sell your awesome photography online, and most come with plugins, or applications if you will connect to your WordPress website and blog.

From collectors of fine photography to bloggers and content creators online, images (pictures) are little worth a thousand words today, and that can mean a thousand bucks to you!

And just so you know, I love photography as you can tell here, and I even take my own on this particular blog.


Yes, I work with, or better yet, have a client and good friend who sells his crafts online today. Woodworking is his trade.

Knitting, woodworking, glass blowing, and so on, your craft can truly turn a pretty penny online today. I would use a basic blog, a YouTube channel, and consider Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as my social media platforms for any crafts hobby you are wanting to build a business around online today.

Like those above as well, except for the writer, Shopify and other platforms like Etsy and so on are going to be almost a necessity at first, all truth be told.

If you can make it, take a pic of it, and load the content and promote it well online, crafts are a great and growing income business online today, even the kind of income that keeps you home.

The lifestyle income.

Of course, there are other marketing strategies like sales funnels, list building funnels, email marketing and retargeting that should be a must to learn, and yes, it is all rather simple if you give yourself some time to learn and apply it.

Building your online business and lifestyle income through a hobby or passion like these above is not only possible today, but through the internet it can be extremely rewarding far faster than even you might imagine.



Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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