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5 Online Freelance Niches That Can Truly Make You A Full Time Income Online In A Year!

5 Online Freelance Niches That Can Truly Make You A Full Time Income Online In A Year!

5 Online Freelance Niches That Can Truly Make You A Full Time Income Online In A Year!

It will most likely take a year, even with these 5 online freelance niches that can truly make you a full-time income, hey, everything takes time, even online.

But, I really believe that if you try and take your new freelance niche business serious, even if it took tow years or two months, I think and know you can build that work at home lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

And today, “doing” things to help others with their business online, no matter what that business is is a great way to build and make a living… As a matter of fact, as we go along here, I will show you how I am currently doing that myself…

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First Things First With Freelancing.

Before I give you some of the most popular online freelance niche ideas, plus some of my own, I want to share with you first what exactly makes a successful freelancer, at least from my point of view, and from the best practices that successful freelancers use.

Two of the questions I usually get is:

Do I need a website, blog and everything else a regular business or business owner needs online to grow my freelance business?

The answer is simple, yes and no. Ha!

get your own beach.

The other is:

Do I need to learn several or many different internet marketing practices beyond the niche service I will be providing?

The answer is simple to this great question as well, and it is yes!

For many niche freelance service provider, like you, you will most likely need a simple website and blog from which to prove up your blogging expertise, or simply because a blog and simple website would set you apart professionally online from those scrambling for visibility on Fiver or UpWork.

See, you have a ton of competition on UpWork and other freelance community sites, so this will not only create a competitive atmosphere there, but it actually does the opposite of what it claims to be, a “community” of freelancers.

It’s a community alright, a community of people fighting like dogs in the back of a pickup truck while barreling down a freeway at full speed kind of community!

As for myself, I am not just a coach here, or a consultant, I am a freelancer who get’s a ton of freelance work through this website and blog, or in other words, I get a ton of freelance internet marketing work because I have proof behind what I do here, and who I have done it for.

Not too mention, I have a pretty cool brand going on here, and you can’t do that on some freelance platform. There you can have a profile and a nice “selfie” hanging on your wall, and I suggest you do. But here, here I get to stand out of the crowd and create an influential voice that truly convinces and converts…

So, I simply suggest this; “get a professional blog or website or both, and get some social media going on.” Hey, they say “no man is an island,” and I get that, but that does not mean you have to live and work 5 feet from the next guy…

And as for learning some internet marketing, well, did you know that everything is basically connected here online? I mean marketing, all the major aspects and best practices of marketing work and are connected together.

Yes, yo can get a minimal amount of traffic hanging out on one platform, but guess what happens when you create a blog post, add a great featured image to it, links, a video or podcast and share it out to Facebook and your current email list, not too mention a few group pages???

YEAH! You have some virility and visibility that can truly drive some lasting and quality traffic!”

It’s so true that it’s not even funny. Learn some internet marketing skills that go beyond your own freelance niche, and watch how those who need your services flock to you because of your in-depth knowledge of marketing online effectively, it will seriously add to your freelance bank account…

Let’s get to my 5 favorite freelance niche businesses…

#1 – WordPress Website & Blog Setup.

Literally, it will take you about 60-90 days to learn how to work with both WordPress and some very slick and powerful and professional themes, even if you know nothing right now. Seriously, I started working online and did not even own a computer that first day, I had to go purchase one.

Like your own freelancing business, a professional website and blog are what people, well, serious business owners (people) and entrepreneurs want and need today.

So why not help them achieve it? Why not get paid to spend a few hours or so each week setting up some simple websites and branded blogs for a $1000 or more per week? Yes, you can charge a thousand dollars or even more if you wish.

While I understand the need today, here is a truth, it does not take you all that long to set up a professional website and blog. Why people charge 5 thousand dollars for this stuff I will never understand, unless of course it is an e-commerce or membership site, then I get it, otherwise, no way! would I pay that much!

However, I would pay up to $2500 for a killer website and blog…, any day. And guess what, there are millions every day looking for great folks like you and I to help them get set up online.

Web design today requires little if any at all coding knowledge, and most of the time it is absolutely none. So the excuse of “I am not very good with technical stuff” is just that, an excuse.

7 years ago I did not even own a computer or get how to set up an email, so ha!”

If you are looking for a seriously creative freelance business online that not only lines your pocket with cash but puts a smile on someone else’s face of a job well done, then WordPress website and blog setup freelancing work may be just right for you.

#2 – Blog Writing.

Writing, blog writing to be exact, is not a favorite pastime or practice many entrepreneurs and business owners online really like to or want to do.

the freelance life.

As a matter of fact, I see many blogs about blogging today of which the owner does not even write a single line other than the “about page” which is not even a blog post!

Not that that is a bad thing, many use guest bloggers to fill in that void. And as far as that and other business owners, platforms and types are concerned, people need blog content and they are willing to pay out the nose here and there for it.

Heck, I know people that I have taught to build, brand and manage their online business who make up to $55-$150 per page or blog post. Not bad for individuals who never blogged before a year to 4 years ago…

No, you do not need to be Hemingway here, but some basic writing skills should be understood and practiced. If you, like me 6 years ago, are a little foggy on those basics you can refresh yourself on Youtube here.

Personally, I have made money, a good amount each year actually, writing blog posts for network marketers, affiliate marketers and some niche businesses I am familiar with.

And on another personal note, I suggest you write about subjects you have a decent knowledge-base about at first.

You can move on from there and learn other things as you go along, but when starting out here, start with writing about a subject matter you are actually familiar with.

And just so you know, you can add this as a service to compliment the one above…(wink, wink)

#3 Blog Formatting & Posting.

Okay, so they like to write, or have stuff written for them, but they have no time for learning or optimizing their blog content. Well, this is where formatting and posting blog content as a freelancer is a great opportunity.

SEO for a blog post is actually a simple practice to learn and apply daily. Search engine optimization is not complicated, nor is it a secret the hot-headed young person carries around hidden in their brain.

Actually, formatting and optimizing blog posts is simple, here is a small but effective list of thing you can do in 15 minutes, and get paid daily on:

  • Make sure keyword phrase is in the H1 title tag
  • Make sure there are keywords within sub-titles if you can
  • Link to other posts and resources offsite
  • Add title and alt text to images
  • Add featured image
  • Make sure paragraphs are mobile friendly
  • Make sure calls to action stand out
  • Add in bullet or numbered points of interest if needs be
  • fill in the meta information for SEO
  • Share to social media channels
  • Email it to current subscribers….

All done and you still have 24 hours and 35 minutes left in your day. If you ask me, this is a simple, fun and great way to build a livable or better work at home business and freelance income.

# 4 – Social Media Management.

I never suggest trying to be everywhere all the time when it comes to your own social media marketing. As a matter of fact, sticking to 2-3 social media platforms and laser targeting them with great content and updates is the perfect answer for any online business today to grow leads or traffic.

And, just so you know, here are a few “traits” you should carry with you as a social media manager…

  • Be funny
  • Be gracious
  • Culture awareness
  • Empathetic
  • Storytelling ability
  • An eye for the fresh
  • Statistical prowess

There are a few others, but when it comes to social media management, here are something you will be doing, and why those traits are so important;

  • Sharing website content
  • Sharing to group and community pages
  • Social media analytic’s
  • Social engagement
  • Social media scheduling
  • Optimization of social content & links
  • Social media ad campaign management

And so on…

While this is a little more “involved” for a lack of a better word than the other 3, you may want to charge a decent management fee monthly, and make sure that they pay in advance each month. Personally, I charge in advance.

#5 – Brand Channel Setup Specialist.

From a great looking and feeling Facebook page, to a Facebook group page or Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube, setting up a well-branded channel is a must today.

To compliment a website and blog is not the only purpose for these channels, as a matter of fact, it is to drive traffic back to that website and blog using different platforms, strategies, and best marketing practices.

Mediums like video, podcast, and even imagery is not just found within the header image of a blog post. Photographers share to platforms like Pexels, and some other business types and niches rely on video or podcasts to build more traffic.

Basically, we are using platforms where people prefer to get their information or help to drive traffic back to our website and blog, that is the end goal for the most part. And to tell you a truth, I hate an ugly Facebook page, a dead and empty Google Plus about page and so on…

Brand channel setups are rather simple once you learn how to work with the intricacies that “art” on YouTube and such will require, not to mention the rules of text on images within Facebook.

Either way, heading into the rest of this year and next year, becoming a brand channel setup specialist is something to look into for a long haul income generating business online…

What I Did Not Mention.

SEO specialists, ongoing internet marketing service provider and the like, these things I think are and can be strenuous at times, and even expensive to run. I know, I run one here. It’s not that it is a bad gig, it’s not, it is just really involved is all.

What to charge for your freelance gigs is simple, find what your competition is charging and seriously, undercut them, not too much, but by a few dollars here and there… Oh, is that unfair you say? So what, you and I get the jobs…

Anytime you have an ongoing service charge upfront, if it is their first time, give one week or a month free, that kind of enticement I have found really effective for closing a prospect and or, the customer.

Always have a disclaimer, and make sure you let them know what you do, and what you do not do. Be picky, do not cross any moral or ethical boundaries you have, it is probably not worth the money.

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