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5 Common Grammar Blunders For New Bloggers….And Old

5 Common Grammar Blunders For New Bloggers….And Old

5 Common Grammar Blunders For New Bloggers….And Old

This blog post is by a good friend  and an extremely successful blogger/writer/entrepreneur online Cheryl Keyworth from MainlyWords. Com. So, with that intro, enjoy…

In a world where we rely more and more on Spellcheck and Grammarly, there are still simple mistakes that are often overlooked by both the software and our own eyes.

The objective when writing is to have a better understanding of language and to be able to remove these 5 common grammar blunders…, especially for you new bloggers out here.

When it comes to the mechanics of writing, some gentle reminders may be needed. You don’t need to be a grammar whiz or a professor of English to understand and correctly utilize these confusing words. Let’s dive in and see which common grammar blunders you experience.


Frequent Mistakes

Below you will see some examples that I made to show you that mistakes happen all the time and all over the Internet. You don’t have to go far to find grammar errors. Errors are highlighted for your convenience.

1) You’re for your. Simple way to remember…if the “your/you’re” you are struggling with can be split into two words “you are” then you need to use “you’re.” You’re having a good day equals You ARE having a good day.

“Your” is a possessive word, so it denotes that someone has something. Your house, your dog, your life. Those items belong to you.

Example of incorrect usage:

“Prospect management software can do a lot for you, but if you’re software doesn’t have these three features (or if you don’t have any software at all), then it’s time….”

“If you’re website is in need of an audit, get in touch with us today.”

Another Example:

Your for you’re.

“It makes no difference if your selling your first car or your fifth, it’s always a good idea….”

2) Then for than. Then…often used as a filler word or to denote the progression of an event. She rode her bike to the store, then went to the park.

Than is a comparative. The dog is bigger than the cat. It’s comparing … not denoting progression.


“Since the entire lead generation process has become more complicated it is more important then ever…. But marketing is much more then just the content/materials produced…. Marketing has become more scientific then ever.” (Never mind the redundancy!)

3) Its for it’s. Its, again, denotes possession…while it’s is a contraction for “it is.” If you struggle…and many people really have a hard time with this…simply ask yourself if you want to say “It is” and that will point you to “it’s” as the correct word. Any other way would be showing possession.


“An example how a commerce innovation could disrupt a traditional business model is XYZ, with it’s overwhelming impact on….”

4) There for their. There means a place or position. Put the book there. Whilst, their is a possessive connotation. Their cat ran away.


“We have made great improvements to our site to better enable our customers to streamline there business through our training.”

Or how about this headline? “Entrepreneurs Need Software that Fits There Business Model.

5) They’re for their. Here’s another one right along the same as above. They’re equals ‘they are.” While “their” denotes the possession. If you mean to say “they are” then you will use “they’re”

Example of incorrect usage:

They’re happiness was deeply incongruent with the time and place their at.

Correct Example:

They’re very brave men and women. Their sacrifice is immeasurable. See how you have to say “they are” in order to use the correct word in the first sentence?

Retain Your Reputation

So why the big issue hear (purposeful error to see if you’re paying attention)? Because your content is being written and read.

People will see those mistakes glaring out at them and your credibility could well plummet, especially if you are in the content creation and editing fields. And yes, even business bloggers make mistakes that cost them clients and customers.

I Am sure we have all made the above mistakes at times. Writers in all genres, marketing managers and content marketers must pay close attention to these common mistakes and remove them from their marketing material and content.

“Reputation is hard to earn, but easy to lose.”

Cheryl Keyworth is an experienced freelance content creator who offers blog posts, ghostwriting, social media marketing, blogging services, and coaching to new writers. She works closely with a variety of businesses providing quality content that attains social media and search engine goals.


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