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4 Reasons Affiliate Income Is Easier With A Blog, Even If You Are A Beginner!

4 Reasons Affiliate Income Is Easier With A Blog, Even If You Are A Beginner!

4 Reasons Affiliate Income Is Easier With A Blog, Even If You Are A Beginner!

Yes, earning an affiliate income is easier with a blog, even if you are a beginner to this business platform and think that blogging is complicated. Here is why that fear is unwarranted, and a blog is your new best money-making friend!

From Pat Flynn, who I like, to Ryan Biddulph, Darren Rowse and so on, a blog is a must when it comes to generating the traffic you need to build a successful income generating affiliate business online.

And to tell you the truth, there are only 4 reasons why a blog makes it easier to earn money through affiliate marketing which we will break down here.

Is affiliate income easier with a blog?

Before I get into the 4 reasons why a blog makes affiliate marketing easier, I want to share with you some thoughts, and facts with you about affiliate marketing first.

Personally, Amazon, Adsense, and a few other popular affiliate platforms I could mention are still great ways to earn a faster income with a blog. But, is a blog all you will work with? No, you’ll need a more multimedia content approach.

See, a blog is more than a blog today; it is words, video or a podcast, mixed in with great imagery and the kind of writing that really connects to people.

On top of that, a good social media presence, a sales funnel, and a simple email marketing follow-up campaign and you have the perfect affiliate web presence that should and could make a tidy little profit for you online.

What about topic matter, or affiliate niche Dave, what one do I choose? Well, here is a quick tip for that; “find your passions, pick one that you love the most, and build on that.”

While some would have you chasing your “keyword” tail all over the place for supposed “hot niches,” I suggest, and I have done it on a massively successful way here, that you find your passion and build it.

Now, is it easier to build a successful affiliate income with a blog faster? Yes, I believe so, especially if you take a multimedia approach with your blogging efforts.

Here are some blogging facts: (taken from

1. 79% of online shoppers spend 50% of their shopping time researching products online.  Tweet This Stat!  Source: HubSpot

2. 77% of Internet users read blogs. Tweet This Stat!  Source: The West Program

3. Internet users in the US spend 3x more time on blogs than they do on email.  Tweet This Fact!  Source: HubSpot

4. 60% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Source: HubSpot

5. 346 million people read blogs throughout the world.  Adding a blog to your website attracts many of these readers.  Tweet This Stat!  Source: The Future Buzz

6. 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.  Tweet This Stat!  Source: FactBrowser

7. In 2013, 1.7 million Americans listed making money as one of the reasons they blog. (Tweet this Stat)

8. 89% of companies think blogs will be more important in the next five years. (Tweet this Stat)

9. In 2016, 43% of Fortune 500 companies have a public blog. (Tweet this Stat) Source: Statistic

10. 78% of companies believe that using a company blog is beneficial to business. (Tweet this Stat

11. 15% of blogs are corporate. (Tweet this Stat) 

12. 78% of those who are self-employed and blogging are interested in attracting new clients. (Tweet this Stat) 

13. 71% of bloggers who maintain blogs for a business report that they have increased their visibility within their industries through their blogs. (Tweet this Stat)

14. 56% of bloggers who maintain blogs for business say that their blog has helped their company establish a position as a thought leader in the industry. (Tweet this Stat) 

15. 51% of blog readers shop online. (Tweet this Stat)

16.  25% of marketers report that their company blog is “critical” to their business. (Tweet this Stat) 

17. 81% of businesses reported that their company blog is useful to critical for their business. (Tweet this Stat)

18. The average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages. (Tweet this Stat)

19. 69% of businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging. (Tweet this Stat)

20. Inbound marketing, of which blogging is a crucial part, costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing. (Tweet this Stat)

21. In 2013, there were already 152,000,000 blogs on the Internet. (Tweet this Stat) 

22. There are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago. (Tweet this Stat) 

Now let’s get to the 4 reasons that truly makes it easier!

1. You can monetize it faster.

Blogging platforms, like WordPress and Blogger, can be monetized in just minutes. I mean seriously, once you are up and running with just 1-2 pieces of content you can monetize your blog in minutes.

Personally, I am surprised at the lack of interest, or conversation happening around platforms like Adsense today. Although it is heavily used by many affiliate marketers, for the beginner to affiliate marketing, Adsense takes only a few minutes to set up.

Not to mention, once you have an account, you can create ad blocks within just a few more seconds and embed within your blog. Less than 24 hours later, you have a monetized blog.

As a matter of fact, a simple way to monetize your blog with Adsense that can create more income faster is through YouTube.

Here are some stats from my niche blog:


90 Days From Launch. (100 days and everything has doubled from above.)

The blog stats.


Pretty awesome for a 60-day old blog. (90 days in and the traffic has tripled to the blog daily.)

Amazing I know, and while these results are not typical, it does not mean that you can’t make a decent income quickly by utilizing video with your blogging efforts.

See. Personally, I use video in conjunction with that niche blog, and it works, as you can tell above.

From Click Bank to Adsense, and from Amazon to Share-A-Sale or JVZoo and beyond, there are many ways to skin a cat fast when it comes to monetizing your new blog in just minutes!

2. Low effort, low risk.

What I mean by low effort is the fact that even I used to dig ditches for a living, in the cold, up hills, both ways!

Seriously, though, blogging is not as strenuous as you might think.

I mean seriously, if you are here reading this or watching the video right now, you are here because you’d rather be writing a blog post than sitting in that cubicle all day, or literally digging that ditch to pour concrete into later!

As far as risk is concerned, hosting, domain name and a professional theme will run you less than $150 to get started, and if you skip the professional theme at first, take off $50-75 of that cost. However, I think you should invest in a professional theme!

When you get down to the brass tax here, your investment, or risk thereof, is small, almost nothing if you choose. But that is the issue, most people choose to spend way more money than they need to start a simple affiliate business and presence online today.

Between the different professional themes, email marketing platforms, and even sales funnel software, keeping the investment down to a minimum can be rather difficult here.

I mean seriously, we are constantly bombarded by the latest and greatest everything online!

However, and you can take this to the “proverbial” bank, you do not need the top of the line everything, and you don’t need everything in the first place.

A great theme will cost you about $35-$100 bucks, that is it!

Aweber is $19 a month, no joke!

And your domain name and hosting is less than $100 on average with Hostgator for the first year!

And if you really want it, Thrive Theme Builder plugin for landing and sales pages is less than $100 and is all you’ll even need, and that is a one-time investment!

Blogging can cost you as little as $100 to start, and if you decide to get a little crazy, no more than a few hundred. Anything more than that better be in the form of internet marketing coaching fees if you need them in the first place.

Either way, low effort and low cost is what a blog is when getting started with one today.

3. You can build a loyal audience.

A loyal audience is what made Copyblogger, Problogger, PacWestBigfoot, DavidBoozer.Com, and Blogging From Paradise what they are today.

I think it is fine and dandy to build a large audience and affiliate business wit YouTube or a podcast even, but a blog, well, that is where the conversation and connection can go deeper with your audience.

That is why a blog is so powerful, it is not because of its search engine optimization power, or the fact it is something more “professional” than just a landing page or sales page, those are just given in the online world.

It is simply the fact that here, with a blog, you can truly create a home online that feels like a home, a living room if you will from which you can entertain your guests, and conversate into the night with them.

Now I may be waxing a little poetic there, but it is true nonetheless, a blog builds the one thing that no other channel can, a truly lasting and loyal audience.

Anyone can have a YouTube channel, but those who are really serious about building a loyal following build it on a blog.

Besides, what is the one thing that a loyal audience online generates besides visits to your blog? That is right, it builds income through the advertising on site.

4. It is easier to implement.

Between your blog, YouTube, and a simple email marketing system (which is easy to run as well), a blog and the simple strategies to build an income with it si easy to implement, period.

Anyone who believes otherwise is only fooling themselves and is simply just afraid of what they do not know…,yet.

A blog is as simple as setting up a YouTube Channel or your email account to go with it on Google!

What do you need? Well, that is simple:

  1. A good domain name.
  2. Hosting.
  3. A CMS (content management system) like WordPress.

That is really it to get started, and you can learn that right now for free here.

While most people online today still fall for the “easy to set up and make money today” sales copy and hyperbole, here is a fact, you can have a blog up and running today, and monetized tomorrow.

While generating a substantial and lasting income will take some time to build or, create, it is still easy to implement the blog itself, as well as monetize it.

Make no mistake about it, many bloggers today make money here, some enough to pay the electric bill every month but, for some, well, its enough for us to sustain a comfortable blogging lifestyle.

Implementation is the simple part, the hard part is dedication and patience when it comes to blogging, especially for income.

Blogging is simple.

I said simple, not easy. While the practices of internet marketing that surround blogging are actually easy once you’ve learned them, the dedication and patience I mentioned above is the not-so-easy part of the equation.

See, the reason most people fail online, and this goes for non-blogging platforms as well, is the simple fact people quit far too early.

Like I said a hundred and one times;

“Making money online, finding success here is as simple as time mixed with knowledge and the basic skill set of best internet marketing practices.”

Yeah, affiliate income with a blog is really that simple…

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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