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4 Of My Favorite Brands, And Why I follow Them On Instagram (Not Too Mention Buy From Them!)

4 Of My Favorite Brands, And Why I follow Them On Instagram (Not Too Mention Buy From Them!)

4 Of My Favorite Brands, And Why I follow Them On Instagram (Not Too Mention Buy From Them!)

Just so you know, they all have the same basic things in common too… But, here are 4 of my favorite brands online and why I follow them on Instagram and became a loyal customer to boot!

Most of us are not always looking to make money online; sometimes we are looking for cool t-shirts, music, recipe books, camping equipment, and so on. We also like to buy from those that really and truly make it fun to not only engage with them but, buy from them as well.

So, here are those 4 favorite brands of mine, and what we can learn from them with our own internet marketing and branding best practices.

The 4 Favorite Brands I Love.

Before we dive in here, this is for the niche blogger and niche online solopreneur has a great idea and is not sure where to begin. However, I do believe that any business owner online can learn a little something here and there about how these awesome brands take advantage of Instagram!


I am a huge fan of Instagram to tell you the truth, so much so in fact, I might be soon spending more time there than on Facebook.

I am also a fan of my Pacific Northwest, and yes, it’s mine, the Lord said I would inherit the earth, and this is the part I hope he gives me (believer’s humor there). But I do, I love my PNW! There is no place like it, and have traveled a bunch, trust me.

And because of this passion for my region, I like to show it through bumper stickers, shirts, other types of swag, and even my coffee cup!

However, like many other people, I thought Amazon was the only place to get some decent PNW wear and swag, and just so you know, the owner of the company hates you and hates free speech, don’t believe me? Ask him, or look up some of his speeches.

So I was off on a quick search of brands that I could enjoy, and ones that had the things I might want to purchase now, or later. The search was quick, and it was all done on Instagram.

Here are some facts about Instagram. 

Please note: many of these stats were researched and published in a ClickZ article by Leighann Morris.

1. Instagram has more than 400 million monthly active users

2. More than 75% of those users are outside the U.S.

3. More than 30 billion photos have been shared

4. Instagram users generate 3.5 billion likes per day

5. More than 80 million photos are uploaded per day

7. Instagram counted 77.6 million users in the US in 2015.

8. 27.6% of the US population used Instagram in 2015.

9. There is a fairly even gender split between Instagram users: 51% male/49% female.

10. Monthly US Instagram users are expected to reach 111.6 million by 2019.

Those are just some quick facts to point out how awesome Instagram is, and how fast it is growing, and how effective it can be for you as well. As a matter of fact, the day Instagram came out I pretty much put Pinterest aside.

So, let’s look at these brands and how they grabbed my attention and had me begging to buy their products!

#4 … Camp Brand Goods.

CampBrandGoods.Com is a great place for some fancier but cool camping apparel and swag you can wear or sport off any time of the year!

No, not much on the actual “camping gear” side of things will be found here, but that is not what they are selling. What they are selling is a great community that sports the swag and wears of the Camp Brand Goods.

Personally, I was hooked on Instagram when I found their images of camping in the woods of North America. This, of course, is the only one of the 4 that is truly non-specific to any region, but that is okay, because I love camping, and I love their style!

What caught me was the blog the most though! This is just spectacular! Beautiful layout, imagery galore, and content that is fun to read and dive into. What a great find on Instagram!

And don’t forget, once you see how they simply market their awesome looking goods on Instagram, it does not feel like marketing, it feels like what it is, community.

#3 – Crippen Design.

Imagery once again is what grabbed my attention on Instagram when it came to Crippen Design. Next was the fact that when I clicked on the link to their website in their profile, well, whoo! hoo! made in Oregon! As a matter of fact, Creswell, Oregon to be exact.

What is even cooler, was the fact that (and you can find it here on their services page) they offer everything from website design to Pacific Northwest clothing and PNW swag too boot! It was a simple and awesome little shopping mall to tell you the truth, and I might be picking up some flyers too!

But what about Crippen Design caught me? Well, imagery, beautiful website and products, and of course, the community they are and have been building on Instagram is really awesome!

A great Instagram campaign requires you and I to build a community, and it also requires us to market at the same time. This is a very particular balancing act that can be done as we see with Crippen Designs!

By the way, their hoodies frigging rock! Thanks, Crippen Designs!

#2 – PNWonderland.

Imagery, community and simply put, a beautiful website and most importantly, blog contributors worth reading! My favorite so far, how Tommy takes on the Oregon coast! This is what PNWonderland is all about…

I love the fact you can hashtag the brand name and be a part of a great community of visual artists and bloggers. And yes, they have more than just awesome stickers, they are coming out with some seriously cool swag and accessories for the lover of the Pacific Northwest you can view here in their shop.

If you visit them on Instagram, you’ll see what I see; great imagery, artistry at work, brilliant marketing, and a community of like-minded individuals sharing their beloved PNW with the world.

Hashtags work, and I think when mixed with great imagery as this brand has, well, you get the community of fans they have.

Some would ask if “you can guarantee that kind of following,” and my answer is always yes! Yes, you can! Given the fact you practice this kind of brand building techniques you find with them, yeah, it will guarantee your success.

Some ask me about infusing hashtags and if they work, and to the contrary I hear from the inept newbie online faking it to make it, yes, they do play at least a simple part of generating new traffic and staying relevant with current fans and followers.

And just so you know, PNWonderland does a kick butt job with this strategy of great content and the hashtag agenda! Oh, and yes, I have quite a few stickers and just ordered the water bottle (coffee mug for me! Ha!).

#1 – The Great PNW.

I love TheGreatPNW.Com for its images, content, and of course, their Instagram following and community.

It almost seems like a photography website and Instagram profile there are so many awesome pics here! One of the biggest reasons I followed them at first was just because I love the imagery; I am a truly visual person I suppose.

A photo posted by The Great PNW (@thegreat_pnw) on

And I think that is what has helped The Great PNW grow to 126,000 followers and fans, they love their Pacific Northwest too, and they show it. There is something to be said about personal branding and using friends to sport shirts, hats, and swag in your store pics!

A great niche thought through from website to blog, from Instagram to Facebook and YouTube, nothing beats content that is well branded, just ask these guy’s and gals at The Great PNW!

What Do They Have In Common?

It’s more than the outdoors, but that is a great niche if you ask me. Actually, it is all about creating community through visual content. Of course written content is here within their blogs, great content, but even there you’ll find what I do, great visual content.

Taking advantage of hashtags complimented by a great taste for imagery is impeccable here. And yes, you can get it done too, this is simply finding and or taking pics you find awesome. Most people do not spend enough time on the visual, and that is a reason for high bounce rates and just plain old disinterest in their brand.

And they have a seriously awesome website and blog, most on WordPress of course. Either way, they are awesome in the way they are formatted with imagery, video or audio, and of course, great written content.

In the end, I buy from them all. I found them on Instagram due to their awesome imagery and reach via hashtags. I follow their blogs as well due to great and interesting content.

With that, enjoy the Pacific Northwest, even if you can only through these awesome brands on Instagram!

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God Bless!

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