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3 Simple Blogging Habits That Increase Both Productivity And Traffic!

3 Simple Blogging Habits That Increase Both Productivity And Traffic!

3 Simple Blogging Habits That Increase Both Productivity And Traffic!

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We are creatures of habit, but, unfortunately, most habits people create for themselves are bad ones. However, you are different, you have and are creating great habits for yourself and your blogging efforts, including these 3 simple blogging habits that increase both your productivity and your traffic.

Okay, that was a little overboard above, but it is true nonetheless. Here are three simple and awesome blogging habits I have personally used over the better part of a decade that has helped me grow huge audiences with three simple blogs.

Oh, and I’ll also show you how to put them into practice…

Great blogging habits make more money.

Habits, some are good, and some are bad. The blogging habits I will talk about here are great! They can seriously help you start growing your current blog or, help you get started blogging if you are a beginner the right way, the first time.

Now I know that the person who supposedly made the statement that if you do something for no less than 10,000 hours will make you an expert at it denied saying that, let alone believing it. However, practice does make perfect, at least it makes whatever you are trying to do easier, and makes you better at it, period.

This is why good blogging habits matter because blogging is the most demanding of the best internet marketing practices out here. And, unless you love to write, it will not be a very comfortable thing at first.

Today, nearly a decade a later, I am a blogger, and I am a huge fan of writing! I never knew how freeing it could be to just write, or in my case, BLOG!

Remember, nothing below, none of these 3 habits are difficult as you’ll see, and, well, they work wonderfully! Oh, and the bonus tips as well…

Write 300 words a day.

At this point, I went past 300 words, actually, we are at 340 words.


If you can’t write that much every day, then you need practice, you need to form this habit. It took me less than 15 minutes to get here, and I still look at the keypad most of the time as I type, even a decade later! (I’ll let you know when we hit 600)

Write 300 words a day. I know you’ve probably heard about Jeff Goins and his 500 Words A Day program, and yes, for fun I took it. It was a wonderful way to better my blogging habit and polish up a bit on my horrid writing skills.

No, I am no Jane Rucker or Timothy Zhan for that matter, but I love to write and blog, and it pays the bills and then some today.

But that was all due to forming a habit of writing. Even if you are not going to write your own content you should still know what it is you are paying for!

No, you do not need to write 500 words a day, start simple, write 300. This is enough to appease search engines if you were to write a blog post with nearly 1200 words in it, not that it guarantees your rankings, but it will give them a better reason to take you seriously and even, possibly, rank you well for the content.

But, most importantly, it serves your readers, your leads, or your traffic if you will. It will also serve you well by helping you create the awesome habit of writing content on a regular basis!

What matters today, and why blogging matters as much as video or webinars, is the fact it shows people how much you care about helping them (we are at 600 right now) get the answer(s) they need or desire.

Make it a habit for the next 30 days to write 300 words a day Monday- Thursday (or whatever 4 days work best for you each week), and watch what happens to your traffic and conversion rates as you create what people want, and desire, great content!

Share content daily.

Today, we must share content. And no, I do not mean our own content, but that of others within our industry or niche as well.

I share and re-post at least 5-times a day on Instagram alone. I share at least one or two posts on Facebook during any random day if it is a good post, of course. I will re-tweet one or two tweets every week, and thumbs-up a few videos each day.

I will also, at least two-three times a week comment on another blog.

I share, I care, I engage. What do you do?

When I share content whether it is my own and or, others, it shows I care about my audience, readers, and followers. It proves that this is not a selfish quest to make more backed-by-nothing-cryptocurrency platform, but instead, a powerful brand that is truly backed by an individual.

I care, and so do you. We show how much we care when we, like Kenickie in Grease, care to share the very best (ha!) of the content we love ourselves, and what we have created ourselves for our particular audience.

Cool Fact: 1 in every 5 bloggers updates his/her blog daily. Most of the blogs are read in the morning between 7 AM to 10 AM.

We, you and me, we are engaged. Because we care and share, because we create and continue to do so, we are engaged with individuals, with people, not just followers, readers, or a list of emails.

Comment on social media and blogs.

Commenting regularly on social media posts is great. But, what I learned from my good friend Ryan Biddulph is another, commenting on blog posts is even better!

While many would think commenting via social media is most likely better, it is true you’ll end up with possibly more views of that reply or comment. But, for the most part, it will go unnoticed.

But, on a good blog post? Not even close, I get more engagement there and get a ton of great traffic from comments I leave and have left over the years on blogs.

Commenting is great for new bloggers especially as it can literally introduce you to the niche and industry you are now apart of online, and no, not even Facebook advertising can return the kind of engaged folks blog commenting can.

Bonus: Publish weekly both blog post, and video!

I personally publish weekly both a blog post and video embed. This helps me to not only try and gain serious traffic from Google and other search engines but, it also helps me to drive traffic to my blog from the second largest search engine online, YouTube.

I share my content out once it is created to 3-5 Facebook groups, my email list, and to my social media pages as well.

I look for likes, shares, and engage when and as often as I can. I do not automate much, so my engagement is real-time, and it is I who engage, not an automated message.

These 3 simple blogging habits above are simple to realize, the biggest issue is, they are simple to actually practice, but many people won’t. However, those that do, well, let me welcome you to this side of blogging success!



Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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