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3 Internet Marketing Mistakes I Made That Almost Destroyed My Online Business

3 Internet Marketing Mistakes I Made That Almost Destroyed My Online Business

3 Internet Marketing Mistakes I Made That Almost Destroyed My Online Business

There were a few more, okay fine! a  lot more, but these 3 internet marketing mistakes I made almost destroyed my online business, heck, my online businesses period.

I have a few income streams online, and yes, each of these 5 mistakes I used on the other 4. We all make mistakes, but I will tell you this, there is nothing, nothing ever! that can truly ruin you here, not even some bad reviews or whatever…

No, I did not have bad reviews, although I had a couple lazy people over time whine about crap, but then again, they were lazy. But that is not the issue here, my issues were mistakes “I” made, and each one could have been, well, avoided.

I Am The Culprit, Remember That.

You and I, we are usually the reason for the problems we face in both our personal lives and our business lives, remember that. The blame game, well, that is for the more “liberally” minded folk who have been taught it was someone else’s fault, every single time.

The rest of us however, we recognize our own faults when they are, and we fess up to them.

This includes our marketing efforts as well, and before I get into the 5 that almost destroyed me, let me tell you this…, one of them still effects me, it is still a problem that if I fall for it’s trappings, it will totally destroy everything I have built, and it will for you too!

But, let’s start with #3, this way I save the scary part for the end…, like any good writer should.

#3 – Focusing On One Platform.

When I started online, it was all video. yes, I did some article marketing, but video was my world, I relied on it like a good internet marketer does to their internet service provider…

Youtube was the flavor then, and it is today as well for many of us. Here we build on our content base and marketing efforts with this second largest search engine. But, what we forget from time to time is that this beast is owned by someone else, someone who can change their mind.

There is the problem I faced, instead of creating a more diverse content marketing strategy when I started, I played it safe with what was easy to learn and implement.

And this is what I want to tell you right now, to save yourself from being destroyed, diversify your content marketing strategy.

#2 – Then Being Everywhere At Once.

I had a website and blog black listed. Yes, Mr. Boozer made a huge mistake following the whim of his own coach and mentor 6 years ago. Goes to prove that even when it comes to choosing a coach, you need to choose wisely, and vice versa with coaches, be picky with whom you work.

Any-who…back to the “mistake”. I ended up falling for the “new” SEO juice that was touted at that time about social media link juice. This particular belief stated that “if you were on enough social media platforms and shared enough links to them” you could boost your rankings.

Oh yeah, it boosted them alright, right to some other search engine Google does not even rank! I was almost toast that day.

You need not be everywhere, you only need to be somewhere building community and connections to others who in turn will share your message and content. And no, there is no magic software to help automate this.

There are many, many different opinions about how social media can help better your ranking factors in search engines. And guess what? I don’t give a crap about any of those opinions.

It is obvious today that you need at least some amount of community building knowledge and practices going on with your internet marketing efforts. It’s just obvious.

However, even I out rank for certain keyword phrases some very big names in the SEO, blogging and internet marketing world, and I carry way less social likes and shares on that piece of content than they do on theirs.

So, myth busted, at least for now on a per page basis. However, as far as your overall website is concerned, I think it does help boost you for the keywords you are trying to target for you site overall.

You can’t be everywhere at once, the rules for search and internet marketing will not let you.

#1 – Following Everything.

This last one happens to me even today sometimes. It never truly goes away, but you can get it under control with practice.

What I am talking about is following everything, or better know as; lack of focus!

I have seen the wind blow everything along the rugged coastline here in Oregon. And like those logs, branches and even people here and there (no kidding), we too can be blown from one thing or idea to another online.

But here is the thing, YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR IT. Nope, sorry liberally minded people, we can only point the finger back at ourselves for the mistakes we make online, or off. No blame games.

No plan. No strategy. No patience. No determination. That is what we lack sometimes you and I. Yes, even I get caught up in a gust from time to time of nonsense software, buzz phrases and even elevation groups!

Like that last issue, the need to be everywhere is really just a want, and that want almost caused massive failure. I was following the advice of someone who today is no longer apart of the online marketing world, they failed here, and all because of poor advice…

It started out great, but eventually, it was all about the money for them.

Never let everything be about money here, money is just a happy side effect of great marketing.

There are many, many distractions online, but no, there is no such thing as content shock. Content shock is for people who want to tell you that it exists for great content effect, the only real content shock that exists today, is content that you come across that is, well, great content!

Elevation groups. New software. A new platform. New social platforms. New buzzwords or phrases. New gurus and voices to follow.

They never cease do they? Never. There is always something out here ready, able and willing to get us distracted, but a distraction is all they usually end up becoming. However, once in awhile, you actually run into something that works great!

But how do you find that without getting too lost…?


Practice some self control. Oh, and there are no software or tricks available for master self control, like internet marketing success, it takes time to build and master too…

Avoid The Self Destruction Of Your Online Business.

It is usually self destruction that is usually the cause to a failed business, it is hardly ever anyone else’s fault here, you are in control after all.

And usually, at least from what I hear and come across online, these 3 reasons above are the most common factors for self obliteration of your (our) business online.

Find what works, stick with it. Learn and understand the basics of internet marketing and build a simple strategy with it to follow.

Try out new things, but if they do not pan out, drop them. Spend more time creating content then you do searching out new things however.

Like I say;

After a while, you should be spending 20% of your time learning and connecting to others, and 80% creating content.

So, with that, this should curve at least some of the internet marketing mistakes you make, the big ones at least, and get you on a road to success faster, well, as fast as it takes at least…



Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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  • David March 7, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Hi David

    Indeed a great post about internet marketing mistakes.

    I am glad that you have covered the major internet marketing mistakes which almost every internet marketers do.

    Internet marketing is the best way of making money online and the best part about it is, It allow internet marketers to earn with few but potential visitors. We don’t need huge amount of traffic to earn. We only need 10 targeted visitors who can purchase the product.

    The most common mistake which internet marketers make is, they promote so many products at once without having any experience with them.

    To earn more, internet marketers pick every high paying product and start promoting them but don’t get any sales from them because they don’t focus on each product correctly that’s why they are unable to makes sales.

    Every successful internet marketer suggest to promote only those products which you have personally used.

    I would like to thank you for sharing such a great piece of content. 😀

    • David Boozer Author March 7, 2016 at 1:13 pm

      Thank you for the comment David, and I totally agree with you, we need to focus on solving problems, the money is just a side effect from the value created around them.

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